Good books on Biblical Archeology

Hi everyone…I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good books on biblical archeology with an emphasis on early Christianity that is from a Catholic perspective or that at least is not biased?

I’ve searched and searched but haven’t found any. I already have a book on archeology that seems to be written by a Protestant called “The Archeology of the New Testament: The Life of Jesus and the beginning of the Early Church” by Jack Finegan. I started reading this book but it is pretty dated, it is a 1968 book that has been revised and reprinted in 1992.

I want a book that is more current. I also have some of the writings of the early Father’s to give me an idea of early Christianity’s mindset but would really appreciate any biblical archeological book recommendations.

Thanks in advance.

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The Bones of St. Peter by Walsh.
The Primacy of the Church of Rome - by archeologist, Margherita Guarducci

Thanks for the recommendations reggie. :slight_smile:

If anyone else has any recommendations for me I’d really appreciate it.

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Have you read Biblical Archeology Review, a magazine? Not specifically Catholic, but I’m 95% sure I remember EWTN’s Fr Mitch Pacwa saying he liked it.

Also, on an older audio clip of a radio show, I heard an announcement for a CD By Fr Pacwa : a timeline of the world including ancient times. Sounded really good as a reliable source for reconciling or sorting out different histories. I’ve always meant to search for it myself but have never gotten around to it.

Interesting question! I’ll be watching this thread, too.

I receive mailings from Archeology review…so I am aware of their work. Sometimes their conclusions can be tad too much on the liberal side of things. That is why I am seeking archeology books from a Catholic perspective.

I found a book on the Christian catacombs of Rome at the Vatican website just yesterday for the “Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology”. But I didn’t want to have to send an order form for the book by mail to Rome…so I searched on Amazon and found it.

The list of books available at the Vatican website are mainly in Italian and other foreign languages but the first book has an English translation. Here’s the url so that you and others can view the list of books they have on archeology.

And the Amazon link to the first book that I purchased, called, “The Christian Catacombs of Rome”.

Thanks for the taking the time to post. :smiley:

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I just received the book ¨The Christian Catacombs of Rome¨ today and I am very impressed with it. In taking a quick scan of the book, there are photographs of the catacombs on just about every one of the 200 pages within the book. The book also contains a **fold out map ** with a layout of all the Catacombs in Rome.

The book is divided into 3 sections…I will detail the table of contents below.

I. The origin and Development of Roman Catacombs

1. The term ¨Catacombs¨......9
2. The History of Scholarship....9
3. The origin of the Catacombs...13
4. The Development of Underground Cemeteries in the Second Half of the Third         
5. The Development of Catacombs during the Reign of Constantine and the Pontificates 
    of Julius )337-352 and Liberius 352-366....37
6. The Pontificate of Damasus and the Cult of Saints...49
7. Latest use and Subsequent Abandonment of the Catacombs....60

II. Fabrizio Bisconti
The Decoration of Roman Catacombs
1. The Atmosphere…71
2. The Contexts…82
3. The Themes…100
4. The History of Scholarship…130

III. Danilo Mazzoleni
Inscription in Roman Catacombs
1. Christian inscriptions in the Catacombs…147
2. The origin of Christian Epigraphy. The Evolution of Forumulae…149
3. Christian Names…155
4. Christian society and funerary inscription…160
5. The Clergy…164
6. The Transformation of Language…167
7. Affection and Sentiments…169
8. Faith and religious piety…172
9. The Cult of the Martyrs in Funerary inscriptions…174

I hope that this will encourage others to purchase this wonderful book.

God bless :slight_smile:

It sounds excellent - thanks for the summary.

You´re very welcome. :smiley:

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