Good Books on Controversial Historical Issues?

Does anyone know any good books addressing controversial historical issues in the Church? Things like the Inquisition(s), selling of indulgences, corruption, etc.


Im not sure but im curious at what other members suggest.

It’s not a book, but Catholic Education Resource Center has lots of great articles on such topics:

I have gone there often for articles on such topics (the Crusades, the Inquisition, and Galileo are the three that seem to crop up most often). Just search the site for those keywords. Some of the articles on their site are actually excerpts from books, so you can also use it as a springboard to finding even more resources.

There is one book on the Inquisition, that has been announced by CA Live, and the author also was a guest. I just forgot the title and name of the author at the moment.

I would suggest Warren Caroll’s History of Christendom series. They are a great read (especially Volume 1), but they happen to make a great source of reference specifically for what you are referring. Simply a great resource in your library.

For a objective approach to the Spanish Inquisition, I would suggest “Imperial Spain: 1469-1716” By J Elliot. It is not Catholic by any means, but I believe presents a balanced and accurate description of the Inquisition and its affect on Spanish life.

I haven’t read it, but this one looks awesome:

Why Catholics Are Right, by Michael Coren addresses the above issues.

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