Good books on hardcore spiritual concepts?

Need some good book recommendations which discusses hardcore spiritual concepts that people may know, or not know. It should go into stuff like “Cloud of Unknowing” (always wanted to know what that is, the name sounds interesting.) and lots of other rare stuff. Also, I don’t want baby food, the book should be meaty and hardcore, but nonetheless, it shoudl be written in an accesible style, not something that one would expect to see in a vatican document, or primary texts of rule books of monks. Thank you.

“On Cleaving To God,” St Albert the Great.

The “Imitation of Christ,” Thomas Kempis

" The Living Flame of Love.," St John of the Cross.

“New Seeds of Contemplation.” Thomas Merton.

Either way, you can read books, but it will matter little and in fact, you won’t comprehend them if you are not being lead there by the Holy Spirit.

God leads, we follow. You can not force contemplation.

Experience in prayer which deepens our relationship with Jesus Christ, will make the books that come into your life meaningful. In other words, they can be just intellectual exercises which may even bore you into giving up.


Top Recommendation for Spiritual Theology: “Three Ages of the Interior Life,” Fr. Reginald Garrigou-LaGrange (two volumes; how’s that for “meaty”?) :smiley:

Top Recommendation for the Life of Christ: “Life of Christ,” Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Top Recommendation for Understanding the Catechism: “Catholic Christianity,” Peter Kreeft

God bless you on your journey,


Theology and Sanity - Frank Sheed.

Yes quite.:thumbsup:

A similar more recent - is “Spiritual Theology” by Joram Aumann OP (follows in the Footsteps of Fr. Reginald Garrigou-LaGrange)

and the new one:

Where Did The Bible Come From by Simon Rafe (St Michaels Media)

Good advice.

Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda, unabridged, four volume set.



Outstanding recommendation, but the abridged version might be a better way to start on this great writing. I hear that a lot of people start with the abridged version, read it several times, and then delve in to the full-length, unabridged version. :thumbsup:

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