Good books on raising boys?


Does anyone out there have any suggestions? I know Dobson has some that are very well reviewed, but want a specifically Catholic perspective too. Thanks!


Greg Popcak: Parenting With Grace and Beyond the Birds and the Bees.

Dr Ray Guarendi: Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime; Good Discipline, Great Teens;

Dr. Meg Meeker: Boys Should Be Boys: Seven Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons

All three authors are Catholics.


I second Boys Should be Boys! Excellent book and an easy readd (in other words it’s not wriiten like stereo instructions)


There is a great book by Christina Hoff Sommers-The War Against Boys
Warren Farrell, former member of NOW, also wrote a good one whose name escapes me…google him…


Make mine a third “yep” on Boys should be Boys.


Google Books has a good preview!!


I did some research last night after writing this and had already written down Boys Should be Boys. I’ll be sure to look at that one and all the others here, thanks!!!


Dobson's "Bringing Up Boys" is good.


Meeker's Boy's Should be Boys is good, but I felt it seemed to concentrate on tweens and teens. My son is only 6 so while I'm keeping it on my shelf for later, I felt that most the examples were for older boys. I can see how some of the examples and ideas could be adjusted for young boys, but I guess I wanted specifics for the young ones.


I'm about halfway through Rachel Balducci's "How Do You Tuck In a Superhero?" and it's the sweetest example of a mom who clearly loves raising her 5 little boys.

She's a contributor at and blogs at

It's not a psychological how-to as the previously mentioned books might be. It's more of what you would pick up and read for laughs and tears in between chapters of those books.:)


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