**good books to for a protestant wanting to convert**

Any suggestions for a teenager thinking about converting to Catholicism? If possible I’d like to download them on nook. Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Catholicism for Dummies - Fr. John Trigilio
Hail, Holy Queen - Scott Hahn
The Lamb’s Supper - Scott Hahn
Lord Have Mercy - Scott Hahn (really, you can’t go wrong with anything he writes)
Catechism of the Catholic Church - (official teaching of the Church)
Catholicism - Fr. Robert Barron

One that helped me a lot in the conversion process was ¨Rome Sweet Home¨ by Scott Hahn. Also the ¨Surprised by Truth¨ series is a great one, full of testimony-type stories. They were great for me.

If you’re Lutheran, “There We Stood, Here We Stand” I understand is helpful.


I’m working my way through ‘Journeys Home’ by Marcus Grodi. It is a book of testamonies of Protestants who came home to the Catholic Church. Excellent piece of work.

Baltimore Catechism

This is question and answer style and very straight forward and short.

Here is another site in a flowing question and answer style in a simple format.
Quite good.


Reasons to Believe by Scott Hahn… Or honestly just about anything from Scott Hahn :thumbsup:

Teenager is a pretty wide range, are we talking young or older teen? Are you wanting adult books or ones more aimed at teenagers?

I’ve heard good things about Amy Welborn’s Prove It! series. The one on the Church would probably be good for someone considering converting. That ones isn’t available for the Nook, but some of the other ones are.

The YouCat(this is the nook edition) would also be a good place to start. It is a basic overview of Church teachings aimed at teenagers.

Another book I’ve heard good things about is I Choose God: Stories from Young Catholics .

Ascend: The Catholic Faith For A New Generation

This is question and answer style and very straight forward and short.http://www.dubaa.info/dvd.gif

If you really want to dig in, after reading “Catholicism for Dummies,” go to the USCCB website and click on the Catechism. I don’t know if you can download it directly to your Nook, but you can download it to your computer (I’d suggest to an external drive of some sort,) and possibly offload it to your Nook from there. I don’t think there is a charge to do so.

It is aimed at adults, but frankly, I have faith that the current generation is a lot smarter than we old folks generally give you guys credit for! A high school student with an average vocabulary and reading comprehension really shouldn’t have any trouble with it at all. Besides, you’re considering converting to the Catholic Church, so that tells me you’re smart!:slight_smile:

The catechism is huge, a little confusing to navigate, but very complete in its explanations. I wouldn’t treat it as something to be read and memorized from cover to cover, though. Basically, it’s a reference volume, however, you can look at good sections of it to understand what we as Catholic Christians believe and why.

I think you can actually purchase the printed catechism directly from the USCCB website, but I’m not sure. I have a printed copy, and it cost me $26 at a Catholic bookstore. I’m old enough to still prefer books!

“Born Fundamentalist - Born Again Catholic” by: David Currie

The Coming Home International website has some conversion stories


I would second the recommendation on Fr. Barron’s Catholicism book. Watch his dvd series of the same name if you can.

The Catholic Passion is another good book.

Of course, the more you can read and learn about the early church the better. It’s always good to read the writings of the early church fathers themselves if you can. A good overview of the topic can also be found in the book One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic: The Early Church Was the Catholic Church.

Born Fundamentalist Born again Catholic by David Currie
A Biblical Defense of Catholicism by Dave Armstrong

Pretty good list IMO. You can print out anything from the Church at the Vatican web sight also or EWTN as far as encyclicals etc. The CCC often refers to V-II so there you would find those documents.

All of the above are wonderful resources. I would also add The Fathers Know Best by Jimmy Akin.

First and foremost, from what Protestant tradition are you coming out from?

Some books are from people with A.O.G, Fundamentalist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, COC, Baptist, Reformed and other types of Protestant backgrounds.

Find an author that has converted from your “branch” of Protestantism, that will benefit you most IMHO. If you are coming from a non-denominational Evangelical background, then a book written by an ex-Lutheran may focus on nuances between Lutheran and Catholic thought. That may not be what is best for you, if you are of an Assembly of God background, a book written by an ex-Presbyterian might not suite your situation either.

Find authors who converted from your type of protestantism, they will be able to answer your specific questions more thoroughly. :thumbsup:

God bless!

If you are coming from a Baptist or similar background, I would recommend a book that helped me, Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating.

I just found Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma by Ludwig Ott at my local Catholic Thrift Store for $3.00. SCORE!

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