Good Catholic apologetics sources re: Islam?


I was talking to a Muslim the other day and he gave me a load of materials on Islam and Christianity. He seemed like someone who was genuinely searching, but his materials were extremely biased.

I’d like to talk to him about the books and CDs he gave me to look at, and think I can get some good mileage out of the fact that the Muslim preachers on the CD assume that the Bible is literal in the way that the Quran is (which might work against US evangelicals, but not the Catholic Church!)

All the same, I don’t feel like I know enough about Islam to know where to begin. Can anybody suggest a crash course in how to talk about Catholicism in a way Muslims will understand?


DL, here are a number of articles available online as well as some books you can purchase through CAF; if you do a further search on both Catholic Answers and Catholic Culture you will find further articles that might help you in your discussion with your new acquaintance:


Check out the Catholic Legate site and contact the President John Pacheco or Mark Bonocore for some answers.




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