Good Catholic Books

What are some good Catholic books I can read?

Ive read pretty much all the ones in my house.

Does anyone know of good books by any of these Catholics if they wrote any

GK Chesterton
Cardinal Henry Newman
Bishop Fulton Sheen
Deacon Alex Jones
Fr Mitch Pacwa ,SJ
St Augustine

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen has written many good books.

I just finished reading his autobiography Treasure in Clay. Awesome book!

The Lord
By Romano Guardini
This is the best book I’ve read.

The Faith Explained
By Leo Trese
This is very informative (in a catechesis sense)

Apologia Pro Vita Sua by John Henry Newman:

A beautiful Catholic apologetic. I attribute reading this book as one of amny factors that convinced me to convert to Catholicism.

Since we’re on good Catholic books, I would also recommend to you:

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis:

It’s a couple of hundred years old now, but it’s as relevant today as when it was written. Many consider it the greatest Christian book ever written (After the Bible, of Course).

Anything by Scott Hahn is pretty good, or Hilaire Belloc, if you are into history.

Belloc’s the Great Heresies is probably the best Historical account from a Catholic perspective that I have ever read.

I have his book How the Reformation Happened on my to read list.

I’d second the Scott Hahn recommendation based on reputation. The Lord’s Supper is all I’ve read so far, and it was good. I want to read A Father Who Keeps His Promises next.

I’d say anything by Pope Benedict XVI is worth reading, as well, including of course what he wrote when he was still Cardinal Ratzinger. He wrote an intro as a Cardinal to The Lord by Romano Guardini which rcwitness recommended above. It’s on my to read list as well.

As for Chesterton, his books on St. Francis and St. Thomas Aquinas are great. If you like mysteries, his Father Brown stories are great, too.

Two other books I’ve read that I enjoyed are Be Not Afraid by Jean Vanier and I Believe in Love by Fr. Jean C. J. D’Elbée

I am a huge Fulton Sheen fan (see signature). For an easier read, I liked Thoughts For Daily Living. If you are looking for something a bit more complex, Life of Christ is very good. He has many others, but those are two of my favorites. Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen is also a nice, quick read. You have a multitude of works to choose from, really. Pleasant reading!

Why I am a Catholic by Chesterton In the Collected Works volume III>
I love it.


The City of God

Link to Catholic Encyclopedia on St Augustine

I second this.

Anything Bishop Sheen wrote is good.

The Life of Christ is a good starter.

If you just want a quick read with short lessons, “From the Angel’s Blackboard,” is great.
II read this during my hours at the Adoration Chapel.


I have to agree with recommending Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. I love his books!:thumbsup:
I am re-reading his “Way To Inner Peace”

I’ll chime in and add:

Alan Schreck: “Catholic and Christian”-this book changed my life and was a big part of my conversion to the Catholic faith

Collections of writings of St. Maximilian Kolbe: “Aim Higher” and “Will to Love”

Claude Pfeiffer: “Monastic Spirituality”

Peter Kreeft: “Back to Virtue”

Carlo Giuseppe Quadrupani: “Light and Peace”

Dom Chautard: “Soul of the Apostolate”

St. Benedict: “The Rule of St. Benedict” (this is the RB 1980 Timothy Fry version)

The Acts of the Apostles,
The Letter of James:D

C.S. Lewis: Mere Christianity and anything else by C.S. Lewis.

Yes, CS Lewis is a great read! Loved the Great Divorce and Screwtape Letters as well as Mere Christianity.



Screwtape Letters is quite possibly my favorite book! Its not “Catholic” in the sense that it promotes Catholic Teachings which are above and beyond many non-Catholic Christian values.

Yet its genius is that it doesn’t exactly promote Christian values at all! :smiley:

Whoops! Thanks for the clarification. Saw the CS Lewis reference and got off on a tangent. It is not a book about Catholic teachings but a great read none the less.


Nine Words by Allen Hunt
33 Days by Michael Gaitley
The Creed in Slow Motion, by Ronald Knox
The First Christians, and The Book of Angels by Marigold Hunt

I’m not exactly an intellectual, and am not above reading children’s books.

For deeper thought and meditation:
My Daily Bread by Fr. Anthony Paone
The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a’Kempis

The Mystical City of God: Life of the Virgin Mother of God, manifested to Sister Mary of Jesus of Agreda:

Excerpt :

The dragon in agonizing efforts to escape,
said : O Woman, give me leave to hurl myself into hell,
for I cannot bear thy presence, nor will I ever venture to
come before Thee as long as Thou livest upon this world.
Thou hast conquered, O Woman, Thou hast conquered,
and I acknowledge thy power in Him who has made
Thee his Mother. Omnipotent God, chastise us Thyself,
since we cannot resist Thee

but do not send thy punishments
through a Woman of a nature so inferior to ours.
Her charity consumes us, her humility crushes us, and
She is in all things a living manifestation of thy mercy
for men. This is a torment surpassing many others.
Assist me, ye demons! But alas, what can our united
efforts avail against this Woman, since all our power
cannot ever deliver us from her presence until She her
self casts us forth? O foolish children of Adam, who
follow me, forsaking life for the sake of death, truth or
falsehood? What absurdity and insanity
is yours, (so in despair I must confess), since you have in your midst
and belonging to your own nature the incarnate Word
and this Woman ? Greater is your ingratitude than mine
and this Woman forces me to confess the truths, which
I abhor with all my heart. Cursed be my resolve to
persecute this Daughter of Adam, who so torments and
crushes me!

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