Good Catholic Fiction?

Can anyone recommend some good novels with a Catholic theme? The religious bookstores seem to have plenty of Protestant based fiction but obviously as a Catholic, some good Catholic novels would interest me more.


Check this recent thread:

Bud MacFarlane (sp?) of Catholocity wrote a few fun novels starring Catholics. Michael Brown wrote Fr. Elijah and few other good Catholic End of Times books. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is steeped in Catholic symbolism.

Not to mention Dean Koontz. :smiley:


Flannery O’Connor

Belloc. (Read the non-fiction too, which reads like WONDERFUL fiction in it’s flow and hold of your interest.)

Warren Carroll (The Christendom series, which also reads extremely “dramatically”.)

Hillaire Belloc?

I’ll have to look into that.

95% of Taylor Caldwell’s works.

My personal preferences: Answer As A Man, The Wide House, Dear and Glorious Physician, Great Lion of God, Devil’s Advocate, Grandmother and the Priests, Ceremony of the Innocent, Testimony of Two Men, I Judas, Captains and the Kings, and Pillar of Iron. The description of the Blessed Virgin at the end of Pillar of Iron will melt your heart. Best of all, they are cheap, cheap, cheap at most second-hand bookstore, ebay or

If you’re looking for a yound adult theme, the Chronicles of narnia are very rich with Catholic symbolism as well. Especially the final book. But you simply must read the prior ones before you can understand the final.

Edit: Much better review that I posted in the wrong feed initially.

This is more along the lines of a science fiction novel, but have you heard of Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson? Benson was a Catholic priest, a convert from Anglicanism who lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The book is a reminiscent of a dystopia, such as Brave New World, but I believe it was written before many of the more famous ones. It is also however, a book that takes place at the end of the world, and because it is (was) set in the future (late 20th century) it has elements of science fiction. It has an unabashedly Catholic view and some beautiful moments. Here are two sites with more information

Wikipedia has a decent article (

This is an online store that introduced me to the book.

The only problem is that the book, despite being very good and well written, is very hard to find at most libraries. My university had it, but it has a huge library. To finish it during the summer I had to download it online. It is old enough to be public domain so sites like Project Gutenberg have it for download.

I really do recommend it though. I enjoyed it.

Louis De Wohl wrote WONDERFUL novels.

Rumer Godden

Oooo! I have a lot of her kid’s books!

Read my novels!

My novels actually helped me to become Catholic, as I was able to “try out Catholicism” through the main characters while I was writing the novels. There are four more in the series, but I’m in the process of editing #s 3 and 4. Maybe around Christmas, I hope.

Do you ever post any excerpts?

Excerpts are in the website. Keep in mind that the excerpts were selected to attract teenagers to read the novels. I’ve deliberately not included anything “religious” in the posted excerpts.

But it’s in the novels! :thumbsup:

The second novel is much more Catholic than the first novel. It’s a mystery involving the Rosary.

I skimmed a sample chapter! Sounds like something kids would really like.

Don’t tell anyone but I have a Catholic element in my fanfic. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The target audience is young teenagers, although older skaters and parents enjoy them, too.

What fanfic do you write?

'Tis all revealed in The Royal Otaku of Squee… :smiley:

Thank you! Amazon does have copies for sale too - this is a gem I’d missed.

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