Good Catholic Movies for group discussions?

Could anyone recommend good Catholic movies that would provide for good discussion for a group?

I have “Bella” in mind (great movie), could you recommend any others? Thanks!

Hi, Try this Vatican list of good movies, especially the ‘religion’ section:

I heard about this one on catholic radio this morning:

From what I’ve heard this is EXACTLY the kind of film art catholics need to be contributing to society. It is a fictional tale of what might have happened if the Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele turned himself in and was tried for his crimes today (he’s dead, but fiction allows such freedoms!).

The genius is in portraying Mengele as an actual human being instead of a cartoon monster. The writer’s point is that the path of reason and rationalization taken by Mengele then is frighteningly similar to what John Paul II describes as the ‘Culture of Death’ in our own times. Or perhaps identical…

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