Good Catholic Movies?

Can you guys recommend some good Catholic movies for me? With religious movies I noticed that some become over sentimental and cheesy, but I have seen a few that are pretty good. My personal favourite is a fantastic Italian one entitled *Padre Pio: Miracle Man. *

A man for all seasons
Witness to hope
Passion of the Christ

Brother sun sister moon

Well, Jesus of Nazareth comes to mind. Definitely worth watching.

There’s also The Passion of the Christ, mentioned above, but your mileage may vary on that one.

And while it’s not explicitly Catholic, Ben-Hur is a good example of how having sound Christian values is not incompatible with telling a good story.


The Great Silence (actually, a doc)

Of interest, the Vatican Film List.

The Scarlet and the Black. True story of Monsignor Hugh O’flaherty at the Vatican during WWII.

Of Gods and Men

Someone already mentioned ‘Brother Sun, Sister Moon,’

I would add:

‘Black Robe,’ about a Jesuit Missionary in 17th century Quebec

‘Shoes of the Fisherman,’ Anthony Quinn as the Pope, trying to help prevent World War 3

‘Keys of the Kingdom,’ Gregory Peck as a missionary priest in China

‘Going my Way,’ Yeah its corny, but it’s a classic. Leo McCarey is awesome as the little old Irish priest.

I also really liked ‘Doubt,’ as it tackled a sensitive issue in an extremely intelligent way.

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s ‘Gospel According to St Matthew.’

‘The Virgin Spring’ by Ingmar Bergman…it was remade a couple of years ago as ‘Last House on the Left’…the original is a LOT better.

Passion of the Christ (of course :D)
Saving Grace (1986) - if it can be found.
The Way - I thoroughly enjoyed this film.

I just watched the German film “The Ninth Day”. It’s based on a true story, about a priest from Luxembourg who was imprisoned in Dachau on the infamous “Priests’ Block” for his writings against the Nazi racial policies. Close to death, racked with guilt about the moral choices he was forced to make to survive and all he has seen, he is unexpectedly paroled for nine days and sent home to Luxembourg to try to convince his fiercely anti-Nazi bishop to sign a statement of support for the occupying Nazis, under the direction of a satanic young Gestapo officer who is an ex-seminarian. If the priest flees, every priest in Dachau will be executed, and he fears for the lives of his own family in Luxembourg. It’s a harrowing film, especially the flash-backs to Dachau (the actor who plays the priest gives the most convincing portrayal of a tortured man with PTSD that I’ve ever seen).

Well worth seeing. I got the DVD from the library, and Netflix has it (unfortunately, not streaming, only on DVD.)

You might also check out the indy film “Diary of a City Priest” (the title is a play on the classic French film, “Diary of a Country Priest”) with David Morse (who played George Washington in the John Adams HBO mini-series), also based on a memoir by a modern-day priest in a rough inner-city parish. There are no great crises, it just follows him for a year as he works in his own parish and deals with his own doubts about his life (dramatized as dialogs with several of the saints) and helps as best he can with his dwindling parish and the poor community he serves. Morse is excellent, as is the rest of the cast. Not many films deal with the day-to-day life of a parish as this one does.

The Mighty Macs

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