Good Catholic music to share with others?


I am looking for good Catholic music to share and listen to with others. Would any of you have suggestions for me?

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Are you asking about liturgical music, classical in style, the great requiem Masses, contemporary. The choices are many.

I like Vox Archageli, they are sort of a mix between gregorian chant and electronic music. Pretty cool stuff:

Danielle Rose
Tatiana (she was on EWTN, I think)

Matt Maher. .

I like Gregorian and Benedictine chanting. It’s all over YouTube.

Chant - Music For Paradise by Cistercian Monks Of Stift Heiligenkreuz

Psalms of David by different Catholic orchestra’s

If any of these are not Catholic please let me know, thanks in advance

You can find some interesting and virtually unknown Catholic music at:

Matt Maher, if you’re looking for non-liturgical music (he’s one of the few Christian rock musicians who is Catholic). His song “The End and the Beginning” is about the Mass, and will bring you tears of joy. :slight_smile:

I like audrey assad:

Hi. I’m new here and still fairly new to the Catholic Faith. I just wanted to thank you for posting this suggestion and for the op for posting the question. I’ve been looking for both liturgical and non liturgical music for a while. (My jaw dropped when I discovered Palestrina last year!)

My dh and I have been big fans of bands like Third Day for a long time (protestant) and have been looking for something CC that’s Catholic. I can’t wait for my husband to hear this when he gets home today! I went to youtube to see if I could hear End and Beginning there and… yup…tears of joy! Wow! Love it!! Thanks!

Loren C

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