Good Catholic Music?


I would love to find some good Catholic music to listen to while at work on my MP3 player. Right now I stuck listening to talk radio or whatever else is on mainstream radio. But, that stuff is just so corrupt and wrought with things I just dont care to hear anymore.

So, I am looking for a good source of Catholic music. I know there are Christian stations but I am looking for more Catholic based music.

I typically listen to “lite rock” I guess you could call it (The Fray, Glenn Hansard, Damien Rice, Joshua Radin) if that helps. I am open to anything though. Country is the only thing I really dont care for.

Any help would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!

I was in exactly the same place a few years ago. Talk radio is depressing, and there was so much garbage on the popular music stations. I found the Contemporary Christian music stations on the radio and liked the music, but they don’t play much by Catholic artists.

These are good places to start. Once you get to know the artists, you can also download from iTunes.

I don’t know if you like rap or hip hop, but Point5Covenant are a pretty amazing Catholic rap duo.
Listen to this

God bless:)

Matt Maher is amazing. you might like…

Inasmuch as these are CDs, I would recommend ordering some Chant CDs from:

You can probably figure out how to load them onto your mp3. Ignatius Press has some really great CDs.

The new CD released by the Holy Father, Alma Mater, is also pretty good.

Also, if you like hip-hop but, like me, usually don’t go for the non-Catholic Christian, often rather phony and uncreative sounding artists, check out The Apologist. I’m not easily pleased with Catholic music in generally secular genres, but I like him a lot. Most of his music you can hear for free at

Give it a shot! Oh, and also, if you are into diverse styles (you said light rock in particular) Father Bill Garrott, O.P. from the Eastern U.S. Province released an excellent CD back in 2003 called “Preacher of Grace”. He is the Vocations Director of the the Province for the Dominicans, and he gave out copies during a retreat weekend. I love it! You should be able to find it online fairly easily.

In Christ and Our Blessed Mother,

You didn’t mention Catholic hymns or gregorian chant – there are websites out there that sell CDs of good Catholic music, such as

Gregorian chant can be quite powerful when done right. Especially when there is good organ accompaniment. It makes it much more powerful and emotional, which appeals to me.

I have been trying to develop an appreciation for this music form, but so far, it escapes me.
*]It all sounds alike
*]It is in Latin, so I don’t understand the words

I read that the new missal translation calls for “Entrance Chant” as opposed to “Entrance Hymn”. I hope that it is better than what I’ve listened to so far and that it is in English and accompanied by organ.

mexican catholic

I would love to find an uptempo rendition of ‘Blest be the Lord’. I’ve heard good ones online but they are a tad slow. In the late 1970s at UCD the choir(?) sang it with a female voice doing a terrific chorus (I don’t know the musical term for the technique). It stays with me to this day.


Ditto on Matt Maher - especially based on the music you listed, he would fit right in style wise but with a wonderfully faithfully Catholic message.

I used to listen to the same kind of light rock you’re currently into. About a year and a half ago I saw Matt Maher in concert. He is now my favorite musician. I pretty much on listen to him and a couple other Christian artists such as Chris Tomlin, Kym Walker, etc.

God bless!

I really love L’Angelus, a family of musicians from Louisiana. Their CD of sacred hymns is available through Ignatius Press. Their first CD C’Est Bon (off the top of my head on the spelling) is a mis of Cajun and some sacred.

Have you heard of the three Irish singing priests whose debute album, “THE PRIESTS” made it to the Guiness World of Records last year for selling more albums than any other classical debute albums ever world wide? their second album “Harmony” which came out last November is equally wonderful and well received. Their first concert DVD was on PBS stations all over last year and that’s how I learned about them. whistle:
Give it a try, I think you’ll find peace and joy in their music.

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