Good Catholic Music?

I found myself singing hymns in my car once, and I was wondering if there is any good “driving music” to sing along too around for Catholics. I’ve heard some Protestant “contemporary” music, but it didn’t quite cut it for me for various minor stylistic reasons.

Any suggestions for good catholic music out there? Stuff that is musically intricate and theologically sound in its lyrics :slight_smile:

I guess that depends on what format of music you like best.

If you like something along the slower, Inspirational format, I would recommend artists like Kitty Cleveland, Nancy Krebs, John Michael Talbot, Annie Karto.

If you like something a little more pop, then perhaps Sarah Hart, Michael James Mette, Sean Clive, or Ceili Rain.

If you like rap, Paradox would be good.

Visit my website, Catholic Music Express, at It’s a 1-hour podcast, but I also have an artists page that links to you to various artists’ websites.

God bless!

Jim Logue, Jr.

Also, if you like a mix of the classical and choir-type music, The Interior Castle would be a great group. They are the Mazzei family out of Pittsburgh, Pa. who record their own music in their home studio.

And if you’re in the mood for parodies, try Nick Alexander.

There are lots of Catholic artists out there.

God bless!


You didn’t give much information about what “style” of Music.

I only really know about Classical but the two major Catholic Classical composers are Mozart and Arne; the former is well known for Sacred Music; wheras the latter wrote a very small amount of Sacred Music; but some very good Opera; including the first English Opera Seria.

Both of these wrote a musical setting to the Mass; the best settings of which are the “Mass in G” for Arne; and the “Mass C minor” for Mozart.

Bob Hurd, David Haas, Talbot – assuming you mean contemporary.
Taize chants are wonderful – may be too hypnotic while driving, however. :slight_smile:

I’m a huge fan of Matt Maher (more ‘gospel’, I guess), but I like listening to other genres with Christian lyrics.

Skillet is a great Christian Rock group, and Superchick is a little more pop. Flame, Lecrae, Gospel Gangstaz, Grits, and 116 Click are all good rap groups.

Stellar Kart is more alternative, and Go Fish is great A Capella.

I hope you find something you like! It took me a while to get a good assortment of Christian music that I really enjoy, with most of the artists listed above from a quick iTunes search, haha.



Chris Muglia
Sarah Bauer

Haha “Style” wasn’t my concern - fidelity and quality were! Mozart - great taste! He’s already in my collection

They’re Christian? I heard them once in Casino of all places - they were amazing! Definitely have to look into them :slight_smile:

I looked him up - I loved it. I’m a weird al fan so he’s definitely up my alley

Thanks to everyone else too, I’m definitely looking up all the names given here!

I have a more serious question that arose while looking up the suggestion about Taize Chants being labeled lyrically “explicit”. I’m starting a new thread to address this question, but I open the door to any of you who’d like to participate first!

Matt Maher is a Catholic musician. I love his stuff. Here’s a couple of his songs: (I find myself singing to this song often)

Then there’s a very little known musician. His name is Bill Brown. His first CD just came out and I’m obsessed with a song he wrote for the album. He’s good…no, he’s great.
Here’s his site:
Buy his album.


Yes!!! :extrahappy: I knew I wasn’t the only one! :bounce:

If you happen to have Cajun roots you should check out the L’Angelus band. They’re pretty cool. Also Ike Ndolo is awsome.

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