Good Catholic Newpaper or periodical?

I’m looking for a good ‘conservative’ Catholic Newspaper or periodical? Any one know of any?

There are many good ones out there.

Also “This Rock” by Catholic Answers

These links should help you. Some have both web content and print editions.

There are several. First Things is excellent (you can find some of their articles on line) and InsideCatholic is also very good. It is an on line magazine.


I subscribe to The Catholic Register. It is published by-weekly and also is on line. I also like the Rock (magazine) and The magazine Catholic Answers which is published by My Sunday Visitor, a weekly magazine that is more on the moderate side.

I find the diocesan papers way too liberal, and they also subscribe to CNS, and many of their stories are on the progressive or liberal slant.

Check with The Catholic League. Their magazine is excellent.

Envoy Magazine.

Homiletics & Pastoral Review is an excellent quarterly:

I second the following:

I would also add this:

This no longer appears to be available, but it was very good:

Back issues can still be ordered. They do offer a Book of the Month Club, which looks to be good.

Ditto on this–it used to be my late FIL’s oft-requested Christmas gift! But be sure it is the National Catholic REGISTER.

**NOT **the National Catholic REPORTER!

L’Osservatore Romano is also available in an English edition, I believe.

Newspaper: National Catholic Register (

Magazine: This seems to be the most conservative of the glossy-papered mainstream monthly magazines. It’s brought to us by the Redemptorists (

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