Good Catholic YouTube channels?

I was wondering what good Catholic channels there are on YouTube.

I’ve been to YouTube a fair bit, but I finally bit the bullet and actually created an account in order to see what types of stuff you can do beyond just searching for a specific video and watching it. Lo and behold, I discover that you can actually “subscribe” to other YouTube members’ “channels”. I know, I’m behind the technology curve. :o

So, if anyone has any good recommendations, that would be great. I’ve already signed up for the Vatican and USCCB channels, but any others that are good would be great to hear about.

Thanks! :thumbsup:

On my signature, the link about communion is part of a great channel, run by a young man who’s like Francis Assisi, a “fool for God” :slight_smile: (Mine!)

Outstanding content - solid Catholic teaching:


Thanks for all the recommendations thus far. :thumbsup: It’s very helpful! Trying to find good videos on YouTube can be like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack. :slight_smile:

I just found some more:

Also, I can’t tell which of these is the real, but they both have some of their videos:

I subscribe to the Vatican’s channel, Father Corapi’s channel, and Father Barron’s channel (wordonfirevideo).

I recommend “Six Candle Studios” for some great short videos about explanations of things like Holy Days of Obligation and Should Catholics Abstain from Meat on Fridays. I like them because the vids are short, well explained and concise.
For a great app for iphone or ipad, I highly recommend downloading Churchpop (though you can just go to their website for Catholic interesting Catholic trivia, Video links, and Catholic humor and memes, etc.!
God Bless!

New Catholic Generation - Commentaries about news, videos, movies, and other topics by college-age Catholics. Hosted by a number of Catholics who have their own channels (Parables of the Film Industry, Surrender the Brownies, etc)

Father John Hollowell - sermons of all manner of topics. Fr. Hollowell is orthodox.

Ascension Presents - Fr. Mike Schmitz gives his own answers on a number of questions people send him. As well as Caffeinated Conversations with well-known names in the Catholics world, a culture section, and a section about World Youth Day in Krakow.

FYI - A word of warning. Some of the channels are not approved postulates and offer questionable programming. I would recommend that most should check the lay ministries that offer program, pull up their headquarters, and see if they are an approved lay organization. If they do not operate under the bishop of their region, like any YouTube channel, they may be good or bad. If they are not approved and still use the name “Catholic”, then they should definitely be avoided.

YouTube, Catholic Answers and pretty much any other place outside of the direct authority of the Church is a place advice may be plentiful, but not everything is accurate.

Good advice. I forgot I even started this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

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