Good Catholics artists?


I was reading Zenit the other day and I came across an article on Dony MacManus and I was just blown away by his work (the drawings in particular…this one blew me away.)

So I was looking for more Catholic artists that do work along these lines. His work is just so amazing, and I am hoping there are more Catholic artists out there!

Thanks in advance!

Pax et bonum,

Frederick Hart was a sculptor. Google his name and be prepared to feel humble when you look at what he creates.

His drawings look like renderings of statuary by Michaelangelo who was also a Catholic artist. Look for work by Michaelangelo.

I was looking for a bit more modern artists. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate the Baroque and Renaissance art?

I’m totally into sketches and drawing right now…pen and ink stuff.

Martin Travers (Anglican!)
Peter Anson
Matthew Alderman (Shrine of the Holy Whapping…what a great site!)

Hello Joseph,YEs! we need more Catholic artists. I’ve found that many are turning to multimedia to create their art. By the way, the picture you linked to is of a marble statue of St. Andrew and I came across a great video which has that very statue in it. Here is the link: I think you will enjoy it very much.:thumbsup:

Here is a link to Catholic Artist Mark Sanislo (father of 6)

Some of his paintings/drawings on book or magazine covers.

Michael D. O’Brien is a contemporary Catholic artist up in Canada.

Look at this painting. Be sure to take some time to look at the painting before you scroll down and look at the title. I think it’s quite awesome. :slight_smile: There’s a lot of depth to it.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau died in 1905. Is that contemporary enough? Some of his work reflected Catholic themes.

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