Good catholics could suffer in eternal reincarnations?


There is any guaranteed scientific answer?
Theologists don´t rule out reincarnation. How we know the suffer doesn´t pass life after life infinitelly?


I think Jesus would not have failed to inform us of our potential for reincarnation, had it been true.


You may be on to something. I don’t see much difference between eternity in hell, and eternity as a Cubs fan.:smiley:


Catholic theologists do (rule out reincarnation). It is against Catholic teaching.

How we know the suffer doesn´t pass life after life infinitelly?

We know because Scripture says we have only one life.

Hebrews 9:27 “And just as it is appointed for men to die once, and after that comes judgment.”

Hope that clarifies the question of reincarnation.




How can you justify reincarnation if you are going through the particular judgment immediately after death?:confused:


Theologians DO rule out reincarnation.

CCC 1013 Death is the end of man’s earthly pilgrimage, of the time of grace and mercy which God offers him so as to work out his earthly life in keeping with the divine plan, and to decide his ultimate destiny. When “the single course of our earthly life” is completed, we shall not return to other earthly lives: “It is appointed for men to die once.” There is no “reincarnation” after death.

A seach on that title alone without an author or ISBN number doesn’t come up with anything. Are you sure it is a Catholic book and not just a book written by someone who happens to be Catholic? If it is actually a Catholic book, I would love to see who gave it the Imprimator and Nihil Obstat. :slight_smile:


Whom do you ask?


Good sir: I believe she was responding to your silly claim that theologians don’t rule out reincarnation. She was not attempting to give scientific evidence. Please read more closely next time.


As for a scientific answer, science can’t disprove it, but the lack of evidence of continuity of consciousness (except by those who always think they were Abraham Lincoln or Cleopatra, rather than peasants, in a past life) is good evidence against it.

If reincarnation is true, I really don’t care, since I don’t remember anything from my past life. I’ll take my chances with this being the only life to live.



****in’ Idiots

I can’t trust in Bible Revelations!


Watch your language before you get banned.


Guarenteed? Sure, I guarentee that scientifically reincarnation is false or you get to live your life over in another form! :).

How about a common sense philosophical answer?

Taken from Beginning Apologetics 4, How to answer Atheists and New Agers by Fr. Frank Chacon and Jim Burnham page 37.

"We know that the molecules of the body are completely replaced every seven years or so. As the body grows, it changes dramatically. Sometimes bodies can be completely shriveled by disease, but then recover their former vigor. Through all these physical changes, we know that the identity of the body remains the same because the substantial form of it (read into this soul), continues to give it the same identity.

If a man lives to be a hundred, he can still remember when he was a child. He is aware that he is the same person as he was then because the soul has not changed. If reincarnation were true, we should remember past lives and be aware that it was we who were living those lives."

Just like the old man living in a completely different body knows.

God bless,


**Theologists don´t rule out reincarnation. **

Yes, they do.

How we know the suffer doesn´t pass life after life infinitelly?

Because the Church teaches that, as opposed to reincarnationists, our physical bodies will rise from the dead and are an integral part of our human nature.


Dont get me wrong i dont beleave in Reincanation at all however, by your reasoning if i cannot remember being 6 and starting school in fact i did not?

I will sum it up a little better below in a debate bewtween Thomas Reed and John Locke, Locke is basicaly saying what you where when Reed replyed to him

I wont quote Lockes defence as its not really nessesery. I cant find it to copy and paste from the net and its fairly lengthy so im not going to type it. He agrues that why cant one man have distinct incommunicable consciousness

ie Different persons inhabiting the same body succesuvely


It was more of a rhetorical question. I was looking at the other threads of the OP and it seems that he is more into paranormal than religion.


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