Good Chicago parish


So, I need to find a good parish in Chicago. I have visited tons of parishes but can’t find one that I like.

Here are my complaints:

Too liberal
Too ethnic
No community life outside of mass

I am sure I can think of some more gripes, and it’s probably my fault, but I want to find a good parish.



I’ve heard great things about St. John Cantius. They offer both the
OF and the EF, and are solidly orthodox.

God Bless


BTW, I consider all white in my “too ethnic” category. It’s kinda sad how segregated our parishes are :(.

But I was thinking about St. John Cnatius. :slight_smile:


I’d recommend St. John Cantius. It’s my parish. Very reverent OF and EF of Mass. Confessions available during Mass. And I just can’t say enough wonderful things about the Canons.


Go to St. John Cantius. I wish that I could find another one like it in Chicago. Can anyone recommend another one? My “official” parish is St. Clement in Lincoln Park. Heavily liberal congregation, decent Pastor (even though he avoids the tough stuff), and very good associate pastors. Also, the Liturgy is really good, usually. It’s the Church where I was confirmed this year, and the Church where I will be getting married next month. It’s also where I did RCIA, which was OK, except for when it was awful, and contrary to Church teaching.

God Bless

Jon Winterburn


You’ll have to describe what you mean by too liberal. I was just there a few weeks ago and it was a beautiful mass, but it’s too far from my house. If by too liberal you mean, hand shaking then I am pretty liberal.

It’s seem to me that we are stuck between these Humane Vitae catholics and Rerum Novarum catholics. I can’t seem to find a parish that does both.


BTW, how’s community life at Cantius. I am a revert and I missd the lovey-dovey fellowship of protestant life :(.


Hi Kendy,

I didn’t say they were “too liberal”, I said they were “heavily liberal.” I was talking about St. Clement, not St. John Cantius, in case that was not clear, for which I apologize. By heavily liberal I mean heavy on social justice, zero mention of personal morality, audible snickering when the Right to Life committee was talking at the podium a couple of months ago, etc. The homilies don’t exactly reflect the bias, but as I said, they will never say anything about Catholic teaching. I recall one homily that was devoted to defending not saying anything about church doctrine or dogma. The general air of the folks there is that it would be an attack on someone to mention church teaching. For anyone unfamiliar with the area, Lincoln Park is a very liberal, pro-gay, etc. area. From my experience, the parish reflects that.

God Bless

Jon Winterburn


I’m not sure I can read exactly what you are looking for, but I am quite satisfied and “fed” by St. Pascal church – a few miles west of St. Clement’s – near Irving Park and Melvina. We’ve got two very good priests who celebrate – not just go through the motions – the Eucharist and who seem to appreciate that what’s going on at the altar is, well, pretty amazing and wonderful. Their homilies are cogent and related to the readings.

Nothing’s ever perfect and you can’t please all the people all of the time, but I like our parish. There’s a variety of ethnic backgrounds and the building itself is of a traditional church architecture. Most importantly, though, is a respect for the Real Presence among most people there. Hope this helps.

God bless,


Sorry, I didn’t respond sooner…Holidays. Anyway, I was only there once and that day there was a pro-life speaker after mass so that’ s my only impression.


Isn’t there a St. John’s in the city?

I think it’s called St. John Latern. I’m not 100% sure though.

I’ve heard it’s pretty orthodox. I can’t help on how ethnic it is. Sorry.

Good luck finding a parish, though.

That’s my two cents.


Thanks for your suggestions, folks. St. Clement is my parish and I don’t plan on leaving, but I will be having children in the future and I want them to have the benefit of good and faithful catechesis. How do I go about inquiring about this? Anyone?

God Bless

Jon Winterburn


You also may want to try St. Mary of the Angels in the Bucktown area. It is run by Opus Dei, has masses in English, Spanish, and Polish (so it is not all white), and as far as community life, there is a young adult group (I don’t know your age or marital status) as well as opportunities to be a volunteer tutor at Midtown center (if you are a male).


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