Good date movie in theaters?


Does anyone know of a good date movie in theaters right now? Thank you in advance.


"The Help" looks like a good movie.


Thanks, Book4me. I’m planning to see her sometime next week, so movies coming out this weekend are good, too. I think I’m going to ask her to see if there’s a movie she wanted to see in particular, but I need to show her that I’ve done my homework by coming up with a few choices.


2nd vote for "The Help." I have a bunch of friends who have seen it, and some of them went with their husbands who were quite entertained. It's not just a chick flick, it's very well done and funny.


The concern I have with “The Help” is that it touches upon some serious topics, like Civil Rights, that may be a little too heavy for a date early on. Of course, it may be okay for “date night” after you’re married, but I’m really looking for something lighter, if that makes sense.


On the other hand, you will have an indication if there is any need for further dates.



True, but it doesn't exactly present opportunities for me to put my arm around her, either, if you know what I mean.


You don’t need to put your arm around her to get her interested or know that she is. If she wants to grab your arm, now that’s when you know. :smiley: In fact, I suggest you don’t do that, despite its being a cultural fixture. It makes things awkward, puts pressure on her and on you, some girls can be offended, and, most of all, it’s a far-reaching declaration of interest, actually, while you should really be finding out more about her at this stage.

You can always take her on a walk afterward and give her your arm (not hand). You don’t need to say anything, this gesture is understood even cross-culturally. It’s somewhat romantic in the lady and gentleman sense but doesn’t constitute a declaration of romantic interest (in more chivalrous ages, it was the norm between friends). It will be less awkward if you learn about red flag or two and decide you need to avoid agetting into a relationship.

You still do need to be finding out about her. To give you a couple of clues: you can’t validly marry a woman who doesn’t want to have children (or isn’t decided at the point of the wedding) or a marriage that ends only in death, or a marriage that’s not an open affair. The last one is rare but the former two are less so, especially among secular women. Also, if a woman holds some radical views on basic matters that you wouldn’t like your children to be taught, you’d better not marry that woman. If a woman isn’t at least open to the idea that abstaining from premarital sex might actually appear in her life, then you can’t really have a normal relationship with her. These and similar points are very important. You won’t normally get clear indications right away but you need to pay attention. Personally, I prefer to delay the development of romance until I find out more about these subjects.

As for the choice of a film, you can approach it in three different ways:

— as a gentleman do all you can for to have a good time and take care of everything, including a pleasant surprise with the film you select basing on what you already know about her,
— as a gentleman you can alternatively ask her what types of films she likes so that you can pick something she would enjoy,
— you can (not unlike a gentleman) take her to a film that’s somehow important to you basing on the message or on the themes, and is somehow representative of you, and ask her to pick the next film (for the next date) on the same principle. (You just need to word it nicely, I can’t really right now because it’s past midnight here and I’m falling asleep at the keyboard.)

It’s a matter of your style basically or what you feel right for the situation.

Good luck!


Are you taking your spouse on the date?

If not, I'd recommend against a night at the movie theater in particular and against dating in general.

Courtship is a much better means of discerning a marriage vocation.

Of course you can do a movie night in a courtship. Rent a movie and watch it with your "other" in the living room, with the lights on, and his/her parents and siblings.

I'll put a plug in for one of my favorite movies of all time- Brian's Song. There is a little bit of language, other than that nothing inappropriate. It's a true story and a great story of what love is.



[quote="SummertimeBlues, post:7, topic:253803"]
True, but it doesn't exactly present opportunities for me to put my arm around her, either, if you know what I mean.


This is my point about dating.

What exactly DO you mean?

Would you explain it to your priest?

Would you explain it to your date?

Would you explain it to your parents? To her parents?

Please listen to this and pray on it:

and this:

Pax and God bless.


Thank you, Dan Daly. Would I be correct in assuming that you’re the father of a young lady or young ladies who are of dating age? It just seemed to me that the suggestions you made resemble very much the kind that would come from a protective father. I consider myself a pretty traditional fella, but your “rules” seemed quite strict to me.


So what movie did you decide on?


I don't really know what's out, but I recommend a romantic comedy or just a comedy for a first date.... Or maybe even a scary movie/suspense. But be sure she likes that stuff before taking her! :)

PS- There is NOTHING wrong with dating. :rolleyes:


Haven’t decided on a movie yet. Did something spontaneous instead last time I saw her. I think I’m going to ask her to a movie or a show of some sort next time. Dinner and a movie. Classic, no?

Agreed. Thank you.


That movie “Apollo 18” might be a good choice. Its suspenseful but not too heavy of a subject like “The Help.” I’m not sure when it comes out though.


Ugh…that works in the movies but not so much in real life. It is uncomfortable to sit that way in a movie plus it distracts from the movie as your mind starts tuning what does this all mean. A movie is a great part to a date but shouldn’t be the only thing you do. It doesn’t give you time to learn about the other person as you can’t talk during the movie.

I loved the book help and can’t wait to see the movie. Watch what romantic comedies you watch. They can hit on uncomfortable sexual humor you might not want.


What about “The Smurfs?”


[quote="SummertimeBlues, post:17, topic:253803"]
What about "The Smurfs?"


Which sounds kind of funny for a date, but it isn't really.

I know when my husband and I were dating, we watched a number of Disney cartoons. It was fun and there wasn't anything that upset anyone.


[quote="SummertimeBlues, post:17, topic:253803"]
What about "The Smurfs?"


Depends if she wants to and how much you like her and are willing to suffer. It is a good way to start practicing self sacrifice and mortification if you have to go.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes is good if she likes action movies.


That would depend upon how well you know this girl and what her sense of humor is like. My husband and I did go to see Disney cartoons, but that was after we knew each other’s tastes. If he had suggested “The Smurfs” early in our relationship, I would have ran in the opposite direction.

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