Good emailing lists


I know nobody likes those emailing lists, but I’m actually am looking to join a good Catholic one!

I got on the Catholic Answers one, with Karl Keating and such, but I want something that’s more daily :smiley: I think it would be fun to read something about Catholicism every day.

Like a daily Saint of the Day, or daily Catholic Facts or apologetics facts, or “homily of the day” or something like that…does that make sense? :slight_smile: Do you have one that you enjoy?

If you do, please post a link so I can register for them! Thanks ever so much :slight_smile:

#2 has a couple including a Saint of the Day list. I subscribe to it through RSS, but same thing. :thumbsup:

#3 sends the daily Mass readings as well as a meditation based on the readings.

#4 also will send a daily e-mail with daily Mass readings and a reflection, or you can subscribe through RSS

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