Good Eucaminical Bible Study


Me and my Best friend want to do a Bible study.
Truthfully Ive never done one with a Bible study guide.
I don’t want anything cooky or overtly Calvinistic.
None of that Once Saved Always Saved type stuff.

He’s Christian but Non Denominational sometimes he goes to a Non denominational Church but mostly he worships at home with his family and does a Bible Study with his wife and friends.
I don’t know if he uses a guide I think they just discuss the Bible and go through different Verses that they liked.
At least that’s what we did when we were doing a Bible study together.

Couldn’t find Jack on amazon

I’m thinking like a Law Enforcement Bible Study since we both work Security.
I work Residential Security but I have worked big Events like working at my cities zoo and some Government sites. So my job is close to police work except I don’t make arrest and have powers to arrest and marandize people.
I can make a citizens arrest if I witness a crime but currently the company I work for it’s against company policy.
I conduct Daily Activity Reports, Incident/Criminal reports, Vehicle Citations and Escort Trespassing, Loitering and Suspicious individuals off site and gather their information for the Client and my Security Company. I also do Calls for Service for various reasons. sometimes Tenants want to make a report complain about a neighbor being too noisy or leaving garbage in front of their door or to report break ins or other suspicious activity.
I can carry everything except a fire arm right now and that’s just because I haven’t got around to getting the license for that and currently I work for an unarmed Company.
Up until about two years ago months after I got hired and the Company Changed Policy I carried all the essentials,
Police Grade Mace, Baton, Handcuffs and I have a stun gun certificate but no stun gun.
Now I only carry a pocket knife.
So me and my buddy do Security more closer to police work than say sitting in front of monitors eating Jelly Doughnuts.

So were both basically modern day Cavemen we like to eat beef jerky drink energy drinks or Whiskey and watch action movies and smoke stogeys.

So I’m wanting to do sort of a Law Enforcement or Outdoors type devotional Bible study and also a spiritual Warfare one.

I want something that is Conservative that lines up with Catholicism but is not actually Catholic.
He doesn’t have an issue with me being Catholic and feels I need to go wherever God tells me to but I think if I did a Bible Study with Saints and Mary Or anything talking about Catholic Doctrine for that matter it would confuse him.

For now I think I’m just gonna take my Bible Promise book and pick words and subject’s from there and have us read the passages associated with them.

So if anyone has an ideas or has any good Bible Study’s they know of hit me up.


I would recommend that before you start, check these free online lessons Here and choose one that interests you; such as Covenant Love or maybe Genesis to Jesus. You can click on the lessons and print them out, using them as a guide to help understand “the big picture” of God’s desire for us to be part of His family.

Given your intention to engage your “non-denominational” friend, you can preview the material and present it in such a way to best facilitate your (co-operative) learning experience.



Yeah I know “Non-Donominational” doesn’t really exist.


It is hard because if you get a conservative Bible commentary, it is going to be Catholic or evangelical or main line Protestant. Most ecumenical commentaries tend to be in the historical-critical mode which might not appeal to your evangelical friend (or you for that matter). I have 'The International Bible Commentary by Liturgical Press. It is Roman Catholic and ecumenical. It does use historical-critical commentary, but is more theological than other ecumenical commentaries. It is produced by Catholic and Protestant editors and scholars that contribute, they are from all over the world. Another route would be that each of you bring your own Bible commentary (from your own faiths) and as you cover a passage of scripture, discuss it from each of your own points of view and note the agreements and disagreement between the two and leave it at that. Just a thought.

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