Good Experiences with Wiccans & Neo-Pagans?


Share your positive, uplifting experiences with the Wiccan or Neo-Pagan (or Paleo-Pagan, for that matter) community.:smiley:


Sometimes it is good to be part of a small, non-dominant faith. Because people who are really living it are, for the most part, very committed. Because it is not easy. You can’t just show up, you have to make it happen. And it is inspiring to be part of such a group, where people care enough and take their faith seriously enough to work at it on such a basic level.

It weeds out the weaklings, so to speak, and you end up being in contact with some really amazing, dedicated, thoughtful, soulful people. I am humbled to be a part of it.

It has been really astounding to see how people come together seeking and creating faith communities. There isn’t always a book of answers to turn to, so we turn to each other, our faith, The Divine and work things out.

I’ve really learned a lot about what trust, humility, patience and humanity are about.



I’ll have to second cheddarsox. I have seen Neopagans of all stripes, including Wiccans, and all walks of life come together to support each other in times of crisis, to reach out to others in need, and at other times to simply revel in the joy of being alive and in communion with their Gods and each other. I have been challenged to think and study more deeply than ever before, to hone my understanding of my religious experiences and my place in this universe.

It is a joy to see and adult discover their spiritual home after a lifetime of feeling like an outsider and it is a joy to see my daughter and her relationship with the Gods even at a very young age.

I am happy for anyone who finds their spiritual home, even if it is not one I would have chosen or where I belonged.


Entirely true - Pagans don’t generally support the creation of religious organizations, but we often come together in support of specific cases and issues.

When my family suffered a house-fire in which we lost most of our goods (but none of our lives, thank whomever) we had been about to leave to speak at a Pagan event a few states away. The folks at that event, hearing of our trouble, raised hundreds of dollars from their small gathering that very weekend. (it wasn’t needed, we had good insurance, but they did it unasked) Locally, the community came together to help us clean and sort our remnants and generally provided regular support.

Incidentally, this was a mixed bag of Neopagans - Druids, Wiccans, etc. Sectarian differences meant nothing to the general desire to help a Pagan family out.

Personally, I have lived among Pagans and Wiccans all my adult life, and have consistently found us to be ordinary, with inclinations toward laughter, love, delight in the world as we find it, and care for our fellow beings.



The Pagan/Wiccans I have had the honor of knowing have been kind and more “Christian” than many so called “Christians”.

They have exhibited love, peace, kindness, temperance and long suffering toward those who misrepresent their beliefs.

I have had the pleasure of participating with them in a “healing circle” and have attended a “general circle” open to the public to welcome in the holidays.

I have found them involved in social programs of feeding the hungry, caring for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS and collect coats for the homeless in the winter months.

Their “corporate acts of mercy” have humbled me as they have worked side by side with Christians…even though some “Christians” have refused to work side by side with them.

They have displayed a deep reverence for the holy and a reverence for the Earth on which we all live…it has been a positive experience.


Far be it for me to contribute to this ‘love fest’, but a few years ago took a late, former friend of mine to the local Pagan Pride Day. He was a neo-Pagan at the time(Assatru tradition) and had expressed the desire to go and see some old friends he had not seen for a while. Since his driver’s license was suspended, my family and I decided to make a day of it and take him with us.

Everybody seemed friendly and really made an effort to reach out to my friend, and made us feel welcom. My kids played with some of the other kids that were there. There were some things there that I disagreed with, but all I all I must say that we had a good time.


I have had a few friends that were. Aside from our obvious belief differences they usually were all pretty nice.

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