Good Films for Catholics or Christians to Watch

I had to give up watching my favorite TV show because I got the sense of where the show was going and knew that it wouldn’t be appropriate for a Catholic to watch. Well, considering what sort of shows and movies are out there,there’s not a lot that I can watch really…

Any recommendations?

It doesn’t have to be something that’s obviously Catholic or Christian in nature but it should at least be something that I can watch with my family (the youngest in the family is about 20). When I was a kid, I saw a relatively modern-day (it felt like it was shot in the early 80s or late 70s) film where the main character (a young girl) tries to get closer to God. I don’t remember the title because it’s been years since I’ve watched it.

I’m also perfectly alright with black & white films.

The Passion of the Christ is appropriate this time of year. Watch it and then go to Stations of the Cross on a Friday night; it will have much more meaning because you’ll have the visuals in your head.

I was thinking about this film when I was writing this thread. I’m not sure if I could handle watching it though.

The Book of Eli.

I don’t know what kind of movies you like, but here are some ones that I feel are pretty appropriate and actually really great movies.

-A Man For All Seasons- (watch the Zinneman version)
-The Mission
-Amadeus (the regular cut, apparently the director’s cut has some gratuitous nudity in it)
-Lord of the Rings (though it can get pretty violent)

Honestly, I’m not really put off by violence in movies, so long as it doesn’t become really gory. Right now, I’m on a Jean-Pierre Melville binge. Some of his great movies include: Leon Martin-Priest, Le Samourai, Le Cercle Rouge, and Army of Shadows… all awesome movies.

I’m into anime and it’s difficult to find Christian-friendly movies in that genre. So some anime suggestions would be: Wings of Honneamise, Tokyo Godfathers, Spirited Away, and My Neighbor Totoro.

I say everybody ought to see this film. We need to face up to what was done to our LORD on our account. It’s not as peaceful as the religious art suggests (in case anybody thinks so)! IMNAAHO

However, only you can decide whether to see it or not, of course.


I thought about watching Amadeus! I like F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce. I’ve actually watched part of it but I haven’t finished it yet. It’s very good so far.

LOTR is a classic.

Nice to see some Jean-Pierre Melville here. I’ve heard about his stuff but I never got around to watching it.

His stuff is really awesome. Le Samourai is probably my favorite of his.


The story you describe of the young girl trying ot get closer to God sounds like Little House on the Prairie when Laura goes up on the mountain after her little brother dies.
That was a great series, always a safe bet for whole family to watch.

Other recommendations…The Waltons, The Cosby Show, The Andy Griffith Show, Mama’s Family

More recently, I’ve watched a few episodes of House of Payne, which have been very funny, and have some good messages, and I haven’t heard any profanity.

It’s not the right one. It was a film set in modern day between the late 70s and early 80s and I think the girl somehow ‘talked’ to God and could see him as a person. I’ve watched a few episodes of Little House. I like the original books more but it’s a cute series to watch. :wink:

I know there’s reruns of those shows on TV but I never actually sat down to watch a full episode. Haven’t heard of Mama’s family but I’ve heard of House of Payne and it looks decent.

Its a Wonderful Life - James Stewart George Washingtom Slept Here - Ancient! Shenandoah - James Stewart Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
Fiddler on The Roof
How to Steal a Million
The Gods Must Be Crazy/The Gods Must Be Crazy II
Giant - if you can handle Rock Hudson!
Fly Away Home
Galaxy Quest - send-up of Star Trek
The Magical Legend of The Leprechauns - momentary rear nude shot

Yea I second Its a Wonderful Life though you’ve probably already seen it :D. More of a Christmas movie though.

These films are all pretty clean, some violence though nothing too bad.

Sense and Sensibility
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
The Princess Bride/Comedy
You’ve Got Mail

The Sound of Music
Singing in the Rain
Mary Poppins

A Bridge Over the River Kwai
Sergeant York/Romance
The Patriot
Laurence of Arabia
The Hunt for the Red October
The Guns of Navarone
Last of the Mohicans
The Great Escape

Toy Story 1, 2 and 3
The Incredibles
How to Train Your Dragon
The Lion King
Finding Nemo
Monsters Inc.

High Noon
True Grit
The Searchers

Jurassic Park

The Fugitive
Rear Window
The Hound of the Baskervilles(1939)

Ben Hur

Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Avonlea
Rocky II/Sports
Old Yeller
Miracle on 34th Street
Cast Away

As far as TV series go;
I really like the WW2 drama about a squad of US infantry soldiers called Combat, aired in 1962. It was a very well done show especially for its time and always showed respect towards Christianity and Catholicism. Another great show is Avonlea which aired in the 90s. Its a really well done show centered around a family that lives in Prince Edward Island in early 1900s.

Ladder 49 is filled with Catholic imagery. It was after watching this movie (back when I was still Protestant) that I finally understood the Catholic dogma of baptism. It’s not appropriate for children because of the swearing and the sexual looseness of several of the characters. But it’s an awesome movie for teenagers.

I also highly recommend a TV show called The Unit. You’ll have to get the DVDs now, as the show is off the air. Written by Shawn Ryan and David Mamet. This show was ignored by the Hollywood establishment during its 4 years, and I believe there are two reasons why it was ignored (1) God-centered world-view with extensive storylines involving religion (2) acceptance of the necessity of war, including the war on terrorism. Excellent writing, acting, and directing. Should have been nominated for Emmys in every category, especially for Dennis Haysbert and Regina Taylor, and for the writing. (I also happen to think that my favorite actor, Robert Patrick, deserved the Emmy nod, especially for the last season for the show–that man can cry so beautifully!). Not appropriate for children because of the war scenes, but highly-appropriate for teenagers looking for real-life heroes. This show is based on Eric Haney’s book, Inside Delta Force, all about the Special Forces of the U.S. Army, and Eric Haney was involved with writing the 1st season episodes, which many think are the best. I think all four seasons were strong, but the last season, especially the episodes where Sgt. Blane’s daughter (an Army private) was captured in Iraq, were soooo good. This show, BTW, was the first television drama in 40 years to cast black actors (Haysbert and Taylor) in the lead roles; Ms. Taylor actually came out of acting retirement to star in this show, and believed strongly in the show.

I am in my early 20’s and two of my favorite movies are The Ultimate Gift and A Walk to Remember.

I would also recommend:
Five People You Meet in Heaven based on Mitch Albom’s novel
Fireproof (I have not seen it, but I have heard nothing but good things about it)
Evan Almighty

I am almost certain that the film you saw was “Oh God! Book 2”,_God!_Book_II
I thought I had escaped the family curse of strangely specific knowledge of 70s and 80s comedy.

It’s not that film. Correct time period (and picture quality) but the film had a bit of a serious tone to it.

But I appreciate your knowledge, though. :thumbsup: I never knew that John Denver’s name was attached to such a film series.

Are you thinking of a film or a TV series? If it’s the latter, you might be thinking of the series Joan of Arcadia.

I don’t think it’s a television series and Joan of Arcadia is too new. The main character is a young girl (about 10 years old) but I don’t feel that she doesn’t anything that’s particularly heroic. I remember there not being much of backdrop. There was a human actor who played “God” but not as Jesus Christ. He was an older gentleman with a somewhat grandfatherly presence. At one point, I think the girl gets angry or something, she says something (questions Him) and eventually, she is no longer able to see Him anymore.

But I appreciate your mention of the series. I remember hearing about it a couple years ago.

I’m a big fan of Pat Boone. :):D:)Almost everything he did is family friendly and fun. Several of his films are on Netflix: April Love, Journey to the Center of the Earth. State Fair is on DVD and you can buy it. I had to buy “Bernardine” and “All Hands on Deck” and “Mardi Gras” from I-offer because they are not available on DVD or Netflix. You could rate them all G. And I don’t find them slow-moving like a lot of older movies. You’ll love them and so will your kids. Not “Goodbye Charlie.” That is NOT family friendly. PS: Listen to his music, too. It’s clean and good. :):D:)

i recently saw an old movie with Loretta Young and i believe the title was Come to the Stable. it was good.
The Song of Bernadette is a good movie.
The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston.
A Man for all Seasons.
The Robe

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