Good for the sons of others...not mine


I have a question that has bugged me for a while. This is not something personal but merely general. Why is it that some generally good Catholic parents who are devout, churchgoing people will have a meltdown if their child decides to enter the priesthood or religious life of other kinds? They can sit there and admire those going in this direction but the thought of their own children doing so fills them with dread. I find this quite frankly bizarre. There are so many stories throughout history in saints lives etc. of this happening. is it just that they are really filled with the spirit of the world and have been putting up a front until that moment and they really only wanted worldly goals for their children? what causes this? It just seems too common to hear of people saying things like “we need more men to become priests and I will pray for more” untill little johnny or whoever comes in and says they want to become a priest. Then the tune changes to “That is no life for you and I wanted grandchildren!!!:mad:”


Same thing happens when Suzie or Johnny want to join the military. Parents are proud to support their troops, until their child wants to enlist. :shrug:


If they do, it is because of the their own selfish reasons. One should encourage another to follow their vocation, no matter what it is.

I think this is fairly common, but there many instances where the parents supported the child’s vocation to become a priest.


Anytime a parent has a melt down over their child’s choice of career, (of any kind) it is because that child is not meeting their parents dreams of what they want the kid to be. Religious life and/or Priesthood are on top of the list that seems fine for others but not mine.


Totally agree.

That’s been a theme on situation comedies for years and years, Dad trying to talk his teenage son out of joining the military.


Yep. Happens all the time!

For many parents, though, it isn’t disappointment that causes them to be upset about career choices. Many parents know and understand the responsibility and hardships of particular careers and they desire an easier route for their kids. I know that I have fought with myself at times when my oldest daughter expressed her desire to grow up, marry, and have 6 or more kids. I’m a mom of 8–I know how hard her life will be and I want something easier for her. No parents like to see their kids suffer or struggle. Of course there was no meltdown on my part and I would never attempt to sway her career choice, or any if my other kids choices either, but I understand that sometimes as parents it’s difficult to watch our kids heading in the direction of fire and stand back to watch them go. Priests have so many responsibilities to take care of, tons of sacrifices to make, and many people who would love to see harm come to them. On top of that, the devil works hard to try to win their souls. I know it is selfish but many parents want an easy path for their own kids instead. Personally, I have three sons and a younger daughter that have been thinking about religious vocations (a nun, a monk, two priests), and it thrills me. Praying God decides to use at least one of mine.


Children are a lot more ibservant than we think. Your daughter wanting to be a mom of 6 or more kids would be a more of a credit to you. She has probably observed the hardships you have encountered as a mother of several children but she has also seen you deal with and overcome those same problems.


Thank you Sarcelle. I hope you are correct.

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