Good Friday and the Crucifixion


I was talking to my LDS friend, and I asked her why they do not go to church on Good Friday. She told me that it’s because they only focus on His ressurection. I, of course replied that we focus on that too, but the crucifixion was the ultimate sacrifice and I talked about how he died for us, for our sins and to open the gates of Heaven. But somehow the conversation got onto the subject of the cross, and she looked it up on and came up with this:
"The cross is used in many Christian churches as a symbol of the Savior’s death and Resurrection and as a sincere expression of faith. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we also remember with reverence the suffering of the Savior. But because the Savior lives, we do not use the symbol of His death as the symbol of our faith."
What should I tell her?


Tell her that the Crucifix, the image of Christ dying on the cross, not the cross itself, which is an instrument of torture. Reminds us that it is Christs suffering and death that obtained for us forgiveness of our sins and restored us to union with God. It was from His death on the cross that Christ obtained every Grace available to us. Catholics celebrate the Resurrection every Sunday, known in the early Church as “little Easters”. The Resurrection of Christ on the first Easter Sunday overcame the permance of death and obtained for us Eternal life.


Tell her, without the cross there would have been no Ressurection, without the cross there would be no Redemption. An incredible price was paid for our sins, and if we focus only on the Ressurection we do not fully appreiate the cost our Salvation. It is easy to say “yes, Christ died for ur sins” and go along our merry way in our own personal comfort zones, but when we see the cross with the corpus, the body, on it, it helps us to visualize the suffering of our Lord and as we meditate upon this we begin to internalize what as given for our behalf, even when we do not deserve it, and hopefully we can then unite our worldly sufferings with those of Christ so that through them a greater good may arise - as Father Corapi says, “no pain no gain, no cross no crown”.
Then on Easter we can better apreciate what the Ressurection really means.


Well, I would not recommend telling her this directly since most LDS, aka Mormons, are converts who have fallen away from other Christian-like faiths who have been intellectually hijacked into the false belief that they are Christ centered. But the reason they don’t use the symbol of Christians is because they make no pretense about the fact that they are NOT Christians. I can’t pull any punches here. They do not teach what Christ taught. They teach the nonsence that Joseph Smith fabricated and they teach what the demonic or imagined “angle”** Moron**i taught.

Jesus taught that there would be false prophets who would come after him. Jesus was truthful and we can take him at His word. Joseph Smith called himself a prophet - God did not call Joseph Smith a prophet. Ergo - Mormons, not only are not Christians they are in direct opposition to Jesus. We should be happy that Mormons at least are not so blatantly crass as to attempt to take his symbol. They want to distinguish themselves as more enlightened :rolleyes: than Christians.

Now, you need to gently let your friend know that there is no salvation through the religion of Joseph Smith.



Tell her:

Dying you destroyed our death, Rising you restored our life. Lord Jesus, come in glory.

You can’t have the risen Christ without the dying Christ.


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