Good Friday General Intercessions


What is the meaning behind the “let us kneel…let us stand” during the intercessions on Good Friday?




I don’t know, but I quite liked it. And the Intercessions were sung by the cantor and the Priest which I thought was beautiful!


I don’t think I’ve heard ‘Let us kneel. Let us stand.’ in a few decades. I’d say it’s been as long since I’ve seen anyone kneel at the Good Friday intercessions. But I saw someone do it today and I followed suit.


The meaning is that:

The deacon introduces the prayer intention by saying “let us pray for…”
The idea is that we are supposed to kneel and offer some silent prayers of our own for that intention. Next, we stand and the priest “collects” all of those individual prayers into a communal one.

Then we move to the next theme for prayers of petition.


Oh. It was somewhat different at my Church. We knelt continuously for the prayers at the beginning and then remained standing for the subsequent prayers.


This was the first time I also experienced the kneeling/ standing but I loved the prayer intentions- powerful. ( I’ve only been Catholic two years) I liked it.


It’s confusing.

The old Sacramentary had the words “let us kneel/stand” actually printed at the end of each petition (in the form with the musical notes, but not the spoken text).

The current Roman Missal does not have the words added to each petition (they’re mentioned in the rubrics, but not actually printed in the musical version). It’s one thing to look at the ritual ahead of time, but when the time to do it actually comes, believe you me, it’s very very easy to get confused; and that’s speaking from experience; recent experience, if you get my meaning.


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