Good Friday Temptation


Ok, here it is Good Friday and the manager here decides to buy pizza for the whole office. Can you say temptation. :eek:

At first I thought of it as insensitive to do this on a day of fasting but then realized I am pretty much the only practicing Catholic in an office of about 50. :shrug:

I’m hunkered down in my cube, enjoying my Coke Zero lunch, and avoiding the lunch room at all costs but the smell is making its way through the ventilation system.

We’ll, I guess its not a sacrafice if it doesn’t hurt. *:banghead: *


It won’t have been done out of insensitivity and, really, the boss is only trying to treat you all because of the upcoming holiday. I would have no problem eating a bit of pizza if I felt it would be hurtful not to. It is a greater sin to waste the food! :wink: You could compromise and just have a plain bit with no meat. I’m sure we are not meant to go on telling people that we are fasting but that we are just to offer up prayer instead so make sure that you don’t meke anyone feel bad that they can eat the pizza and you can’t.


Hang in there. If being in the pizza’s presence will make you pig out, then stay in your cube. If you have that kind of willpower (I don’t, so you aren’t alone), go have a teeeeeeny piece with just cheese and veggies.


Probably too late now but I was thinking you might be a better witness to the Faith by participating rather than not. I had the misconception before I became Catholic that fasting meant no food at all, all day. If you went and had ONE piece of pizza it would show that you appreciate your boss’s gesture, you are part of the “team” and you are observing your religious obligation. Plus, I think you Coke Zero is more of a problem than the pizza would be;)


I’ll make it. I can pass on pizza. :smiley: As far as the Coke goes- its keeping me awake. :yawn:

I know what the rules of fasting are. I’m saving my “meal” for dinner with my family before going to church.

I was just making a point that even though people know its Good Friday, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. It’s just another day.
Then they’ll celebrate Easter without blinking.


My parents are cooking fish downstairs. Good thing I am a vegetarian anyway so I am not tempted…

For some people it may be “just another day”.

For some people (like for example, my parents), they don’t do the strict fasting thing but at least they decided to have fish instead of meat.:slight_smile:

And I often pray for all of us - Catholics, lapsed Catholics, practicing and non-practicing of all religions - that we all may be guided to the right way:
“Lead all souls to heaven especially those who have most need of your mercy.”

Oh, I guess you could have had a tiny piece as one of your two “smaller meals”. I just had two crisprolls (kind of like crackers) and an apple. I wanted to make it until later and not have another “small meal” BUT I really felt weak, so I think it was ok.



I presumed that the pizza had some sort of meat on it- which would make even one slice a no-no.


Meat can be picked off:shrug:


Here at my work the so called “Diversity Council” decided to pick today of all days to have a big ice cream social for everyone.

I guess diversity doesn’t include practicing Catholics. :rolleyes:


I don’t go without food all day, I CAN’T, my metabolism is too high. the rules allow two smaller meals and one normal meal. No reason why one piece of pizza with no meat is breaking any rules unless it was eaten between your other meals. Like just now, I was feeling kinda weird, so I ate something with sugar, just a little bit, to see if just maybe my blood sugar was low. But other than that, I have only eaten a muffin and a small fries today and that has been it. God doesn’t want you passing out from no food! lol


Is it meat flavoured ice cream? I don’t think having ice cream is a problem. You can have it for one of your small meals. I suppose it isn’t the healthiest but, hey, you can’t criticise people for being kind.


ewww lol


Good Friday is about a lot more than just not eating pepperoni or meat flavored ice cream.:shrug:

I had tuna and some crackers. I try to stick with protein for my small meals.

An Ice cream social just doesn’t seem too penitential or appropriate on one of the most solemn days of the year.

BTW… these are the same people who postponed having a pizza lunch during Ramadan because we had one muslim in a department of about 300 people.

If you’ve ever worked for a massive corporation that’s “P.C. to-the-max”, it can get quite annoying after a while.


Favorite ice cream flavor? ANGUS! :eek: :thumbsup:


Yeah, to the OP… why is it that someone always has to order a big, greasy, delicious-smelling pizza COVERED in pepperoni on Good Friday?!

Oh well… today kinda is just another day for me unfortunately. Neither DH nor I get the day off… and he works for the YMCA! You would think the Young Mens Christian Organization would give their employees off! Oh well…


Agreed, but some folks read the meat prohibition more strictly than others, and I was just explaining what I thought was going as to an earlier post in this thread.

According to EWTN:

“Abstinence The law of abstinence requires a Catholic 14 years of age until death to abstain from eating meat on Fridays in honor of the Passion of Jesus on Good Friday. Meat is considered to be the flesh and organs of mammals and fowl. Moral theologians have traditionally considered this also to forbid soups or gravies made from them. Salt and freshwater species of fish, amphibians, reptiles and shellfish are permitted, as are animal derived products such as margarine and gelatin which do not have any meat taste.”

Hence, the meat juice on a pizza might make a particularly tender conscience uncomfortable.


Very true… we all have to decide for ourselves how we will observe the laws of this solemn day.

I was just trying to point out that it would not be objectively wrong to participate in the boss’s kind gesture if one still observed the rules of fasting/abstinence. But it’s not like it’s wrong NOT to have pizza though:p**


Interestingly enough, the Capybara (largest rodent, resembles a small pig) is permitted under the rules about meat. This is because it spends a lot of time in the water causing it to have the same rules as fish but it is very definatley a meat. I know this because we were at the zoo today.


Uh, yeah, tell me about it. My department is part of Human Resources, and on Ash Wednesday we had an all-day manager meeting that had all meals brought in.

I specifically notified my boss and the secretary in charge of the menu and ask for a NON meat option.

What did they have? beef and barley soup and a chicken salad. No option for me. Snacks/muffins all day long, candy at the table, etc. Dinner-- no vegetarian/non-meat option.

Nice diversity and respect for differences in the department that is supposed to lead the company in this area. :banghead:


When I was on the Diversity Committee where I work, I figured the one aspect of diversity I could contribute was that I’m a Catholic. When people complained about discrimination, I could point out that in at least some cases it’s a lack of awareness, not a deliberate act. Like, oh, say, the time they decided to have a Happy Hour…on Good Friday.

Were I on your committee, I wouldn’t hesitate to point out that a number of employees wouldn’t participate since an ice cream social doesn’t fit into their religious practices. (Especially with something that could easily be moved to another day.)

I wonder if they would have been more accommodating if you simply claimed you were a vegetarian. Yeesh.

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