Good Friday


I recently read this:

What exactly is prohibited on Good Friday (apart from fasting and abstinance from meat).


The only things that are required under pain of sin are fasting and abstinence. This is fact. What follows are my personal thoughts, which may be in error:

What Fr. Serpa was expressing was the appropriate Spirit of the Triduum. It is a time to focus on the time of the Lord’s Passion, not to attend things like movies or plays or baseball games. It’s a matter of the spirit. The time ought to be spent prayerfully.

Obviously, you’re not going to be able to spend the entire time praying, and most folks aren’t going to have to be working Friday night and Saturday, either, so there is going to be a lot of time to fill, and to spend it *all *in prayer would be, so far as I am aware, not entirely in line with the Church’s teachings regarding the totality of the human person. God didn’t make you to do that. He doesn’t mean to spend the entire time on your knees, working, or reading the Bible.

For example, he counseled another individual that it was very appropriate for two people to have marital relations on Lenten Fridays. It’s not quite the same thing - Good Friday is not a Lenten Friday - but I think the principle is the same. You’ll need to “wind down” to some degree, but don’t spend it on frivolous pursuits. Even when you let your mind and body wind down, do it in a spirit of faith. *Whatever *you do, do it in a Spirit of faith, looking forward to the Resurrection of the Lord.

Think about the Apostles and the other desciples of Christ. Try to imagine how they would have spent the Triduum, and pattern yourself after that.

Peace and God bless


Only the fast and abstinence are required. It is not even required to attend church services. The Church realised that many could not attend services on Good Friday a few years back, and changed Palm Sunday to Passion Sunday.

That being said, there are many things that one could consider appropriate. To me, I wouldn’t think of missing Good Friday services. Easter would not be the same without them.



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