Good Friday

At our Good Friday service, the Deacon wrapped himself in a long stole and carried the chalices from the Tabernacle to the altar with the stole touching the chalices. It appeared that he was specifically not touching the chalices with his hands, on purpose. Can you explain why this was done?

That ‘stole’ was a humeral veil and it was most likely also used last night when the ciborium (not chalice, the chalice holds the Precious Blood) was transfered from the altar to the altar of repose.

It’s done as a mark of respect for the sacred vessel that holds the Body & Blood of our Lord.

Too bad that in our parish, instead of the priest doing that, the EMHC went off to the chapel and came back with the two ciboria.

Have you ever seen images with angels prostrating themselves before the Lord with their hands covered? This is what that reminds me of. I think it’s out of a sign of honor and respect.

Avoid Monastery Icons! They are not Orthodox or Roman Catholic! They are new-age Hindu syncretists which blaspheme the holy images with prayers to false gods, all under the deceptive veil of a legitimately Christian operation.

Quick question, I don’t wanna hijack this thread, but how come Monastery Icons is bad? I did a keyword search for “Hindu,” “Krishna” and “Vishnu” and it doesn’t seem to have anything relating to that. I can’t seem to find anything other than Catholic or Orthodox items; if it’s Hindu, it must be tucked away some place hard to find on their site. Could you direct me to where?

Please do let me know so I know not to shop from there, and I thank you for putting this post up to inform us about it. I don’t wanna contribute to some New Age sham.

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