Good Friday

Ok, with Good Friday coming up I am trying to figure out what I can’t eat. I know meat is out but fish is ok, right? What about other foods or drinks? When does this start and end? And why no meat?

Fish is ok…so long as no meat…beef, pork, chicken.

The whole of Friday…:wink:

Thanks for the link :thumbsup:

Catholics between the ages of 18 and 59 (in the U.S. at least) are obligated to fast on Good Friday, meaning only one full meal permitted unless your health requires otherwise (i.e. you are sick). You can have small snacks in place of the other normal day’s meals as long as it doesn’t equate to a full meal. (like a snack for breakfast and lunch and full meal dinner, or snack for breakfast and dinner and full meal lunch, you get the idea).

Remember to drink your water to stay hydrated.

Though, since you are not yet Catholic, you don’t have the obligation, but can do so if you choose.

You are most welcome.

By the way, if you are not aware yet, there will be no daily mass during Holy Thursday and Good Friday and morning of Black Saturday. The only services are those scheduled…accordingly…:smiley:

I am not one officially but I still will do this.

The parish I am going to(until Sat. night when we move) has a great schedule just don’t know how much I can go.

I think that’s a wonderful thing to do. And I think it will help prepare you for when you are officially Catholic. :thumbsup:

I pray for your journey home

The word “sick” is a bit more complicated. Most pregnant women, nursing mothers or diabetics with their blood sugar controlled might not consider themselves “sick” these days but they are also allowed to skip the fast or to adjust it to whatever works for them. Also I’ve heard of young 19 year old athletes with extremely high metabolisms due to their exertion are sometimes dispensed from the fast for medical reasons even though they aren’t technically “sick.” But not the meatless part, of course.

There are also people with other conditions (like hypoglycemia or who take certain medications) that require more regular intake of food or liquid supplements. If in doubt, a priest is happy to advise.

I think it is important even before we are officially Catholic to start doing what we can. Not going to wait a year lol

Thankfully I have no health problems nor any issues that would not keep me from fasting. :slight_smile:

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