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After reading the Dr. Laura thread I was wondering if anyone had other good books about marriage that were more geared to the Catholic perspective. I am looking for something that could be read together. Any life changing expierences out there with such books?


Some Catholic resources that are really helpful are anything by Greg Popcak (did I spell it right?) or Christopher West. They each have a variety of titles, so depending on what stage you are in of marriage or what specific issues you are trying to expand on you can just look up both authors on Amazon or something. I think you can even buy some of their stuff here in the Catholic Answers shoppe. I am also a fan of Dr. Laura, and either of these authors would be a good Catholic supplement to her books.


Yup. Gregory Pocak and Christopher West would be two good options:

For Better…Forever! by Gregory Popcak

Good News About Sex & Marriage by Christopher West


The books listed above :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I’d add, Sheen’s “Three To Get Married”

Kelly’s “7 Levels of Intimacy”

And Fr. Dubay’s “Deep Conversion, Deep Prayer”


“Covenant Marriage” by Gary Chapman
we’ve just finished it : we tried reading a chapter / evening regularly together + talking about the chapter, and it was sooooo great !
it’s about increasing intimacy on all levels (intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual,…), asks the right questions, has a very pedagogical and progressive approach and gives very concrete advice !


Note, Gary Chapman is Baptist. He may have good advice, however, since marriage is a Sacrament, Catholics are wise to go first to Catholic sources. The non-Catholic advice should take second to Catholic teaching.



**Good News About Sex & Marriage by Christopher West ](“”):thumbsup: I love that book!


Thanks Kage_ar, I knew he was from a Protestant denomination, but I didn’t know which one.
Of course I missed the catholic perspective in some chapters (indeed the one about sexual intimacy would have greatly benefitted from a TOB point of view), yet I could spot nothing that would go AGAINST Church Teaching in it, so even though it would not be sufficient for a Catholic Couple, the very, very good advice for all areas of conjugal life is really worth it !:thumbsup:


Two-Part Invention The Story of a Marriage - Madeleine L’Engle

Not a self-help book, but rather a kind of biography. More insightful than any self-help book and also very enjoyable and really well written.


I read every page of Fulton Sheen’s Three to Get Married in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and cannot recommend it enough. It was fantastic.


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