Good missionary organizations for single young men

First of all, I know this will take discernment as to whether i’m called to this or not, and because of job commitments I can’t do this now, but i’m wondering what are some good missionary and evangelization groups that are good for single young men to join, especially if one isn’t called to be a priest or brother.

I thought about being a FOCUS missionary once but I know they have to raise their own money and not having a big Catholic family (my immediate family doesn’t practice and i don’t have enough family to donate to make a living) and also not knowing a lot of people would make it hard for me.

The thing is though I want to serve and help people and i’m wondering if something that is more service oriented as well as something related to evangelization. My big worry is that I won’t be that great on the evangelization end. However I know MUCH more discernment is needed on my part

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Don’t be shy. :slight_smile:

Check out Catholic Volunteer Network’s website. You can search for programs based on the desired length of service and skills you possess. I find it pretty helpful.

I’d definitely endorse contacting CVN. Another helpful organization to contact in search of some sort of direction on this would be Catholic Extension, which raises money for home mission efforts:

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Hi Ben!

I’ve looked into missionary organizations too. One I heard of from going to a fair and another I found by searching online.

They are:

  1. Jesuit Volunteer Corps
    ( – I think this is the US site but I’m not sure)
    ( – This one is for the Canadians)

  2. Dominican Volunteers International

I believe you can choose where you want to go and they will, of course, also suggest for you something that suits your abilities. I’ve explored this one a bit more. They have a list from 2012 which will hopefully give you an idea of the areas (geographical and missionary-wise) that they do work in. Go to this link:

Then press “The communities that have requested volunteers” (in bold, blue text) and download the PDF. Just to let you know, once you click it, you might read the first place and think “It’s in Spanish, I don’t understand” and leave it at that. But look through each one; some are in English, French, etc (it’s not a lot to look through, really).

There are also testimonies, pictures, etc. Their Facebook page also has some pictures.

I hope this helps! I’m curious what you think and would like to hear your thoughts on this so if you have the time to give feedback, please let me know. God bless!

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