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I was reading the rules, so I do not think this is against those.

The parish my wife usually attend is very “Spirit of V2”. On more than a handful of occasions, after the Processional, Father will simply say “Good morning,” then introduce the mass and jump right into the “Let us pray” and Mass continues.

I am just wondering if it is licit for a priest to do this.

Again, I am very grateful we have even a few resident priests at our parish, but this has always bothered me as it ceases to even feel like Mass after this happens.

If you could even direct me to the supporting documents, that’d be amazing.


If I read you correctly, are you saying that the priest omit the Penitential Act?

That after the Greeting he went straight to the Collect thus omitting the Penitential Act, Kyrie and Gloria.

In a Sunday mass, all should be included but in ordinary weekday mass Gloria is omitted but not the Penitential Act.

He should not omit the Penitential Act and if I were you I would feel it would be less than a mass too.

At Mass, we enter deeper into the mystery of life which God offers us. However we first need to prepare ourselves by acknowledging our sinfulness. In the Penitential Act, we acknowledge our sins and implore God’s mercy through a communal confession: we pray the ‘I Confess’, the Confiteor. At the end of the prayer, the priest concludes the rite with an absolution, which however, lacks the efficacy of the Sacrament of Penance for remission of serious sins. The focus of the rite is on the all-embracing mercy and loving kindness of God.

One of reasons why praying at Mass does not seem to impact some people’s life is because of improper disposition or frame of mind thus preparation for Mass is necessary. At the Penitential Rite, we will then be able to express our repentance more earnestly.


If it is as you say, then it is very illicit.


OP, are you sure that he is omitting the Penitential Rite, altogether, or could it be that he is using a form you are not used to? I was thinking, perhaps he is just using the Lord have mercy etc. form and not including the ‘I confess’ which isn’t necessary in that case?


Again, my memory is a little fuzzy as it was a number of weeks ago. With your post here, we definitely sung a Gloria and I am fairly certain a Penitential Act (though I am 100% certain not with the thrice said “through my fault” because I was taken aback by it–on the big screens no less) in place of a Kyrie.

My question was more particularly about the Greeting/Opening the Mass without In Nomine Patris… i favor of “Good Morning!” and a brief introduction ot the Mass of the day.


Did you speak to your pastor and ask him about this?
That is the best thing since none of us where there and you say your memory is fuzzy. All we can do here is speculate, and that does not always lead to healthy conversation.


Because I was not sure what the priest omitted by reading your post. You could put in the details really; it may be a bit long but we will not mind to read it rather than second guessing.

Okay, the mass is basically divided into two parts, the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist which are so inter-related that they form one single act of worship. Before the Liturgy of the Word is the Introductory Rite, which is what you are saying about the priest.

The Introductory Rite consists of:

  1. Entrance hymn
  2. Procession
  3. Greeting
  4. Penitential rite (the Confiteor/Kyrie)
  5. Gloria
  6. Collect/Opening prayer.

Apparently you mean (2), the Greeting.

The Greeting can include introduction by the priest, like ‘good morning’ but must have the sign of the cross, is a way by which we invoke God, the Trinity. Furthermore, it also reminds us that we worship God together as a people baptized ‘in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit’. It is also a way by which we call to mind the great sacrifice of Christ on the cross, which we are celebrating in the mass.

So did the priest start the mass with the sign of the cross? For he has to.

After the signing, the priest greets the people. There may be three greetings normally used (the celebrant can use any one of them).

Then the Penitential Act. …


One of our priests says "good morning, we begin our mass today as we always do, in the name of…


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