Good movies about angels?

Hello everyone,

I was in the mood to watch some good movies about angels, and was wondering if anyone could give some recommendations.

Right off the bat, please don’t say “Michael” with John Travolta, “City of Angels,” “The Adjustment Bureau,” and “Dogma.” :banghead:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Or the series “touched by an Angel” ?:slight_smile:

Of course," It’s A Wonderful Life" as well as “Angels In The Outfield”. “Heaven Can Wait” is not really an angel movie but it is in that vain. I think the old “Topper” movies were angel related.

Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders isn’t exactly canonical in the Catholic sense, but is interesting. It’s a German film set in Berlin where angels continually follow us around, unseen, witnessing our actions (including that of Peter Falk, who plays himself) and offering comfort where they can. I’ll never forget one scene where an angel is trying to prevent a man from committing suicide, and his anguish when he fails. One angel falls in love with a circus performer and wishes to descend to a human state, so as I said, it’s not quite our theology… Some of the imagery (in black and white) is amazing. There was an American remake with Nicholas Cage that I haven’t seen but wasn’t supposed to be very good, I think that was the “City of Angels” the OP mentioned.

Cary Grant played a pretty debonair angel in “The Bishop’s Wife” (the titular Bishop is Episcopal, BTW).


A must-see film about angels, though not for the Hallmark-inclined or “Touched By An Angel” type of fan.

All Dogs Go To Heaven…if it’s not sacrilege.

Angel on My Shoulder (1946)
with Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, and Claude Rains

A deceased gangster returns to Earth as a well-respected judge to make up for his previous life.

A Guy Named Joe (1943)
with Spencer Tracy, Irene Dunne, and Van Johnson

Fantasy about a dead World War II bomber pilot who becomes guardian angel to another pilot.

City of Angels is the American remake of Wings of Desire. WIm Wenders also did a semi-sequel called Far Away So Close.

The Bishop’s Wife was also re-made as The Preacher’s Wife with Denzel Washington(in the Cary Grant role) and Whitney Houston.

The Prophecy with Christopher Walken

Date With An Angel is a good movie

Where were you when I started my “Angels in the Outfield” thread a week ago?

I like Angel on My Shoulder, but I would not call it a film about angels. The title comes from a comment by a minister during a wedding ceremony. The gangster is sent to earth not tor redeem his life, but to discredit the judge he replaces. Claude Rains plays the Devil in this film.

A better choice for this catagory would be Here comes Mr. Jordan – in which Rains does play an Angel.

Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

I know it’s probably naive to expect a movie about a theologically-sound Catholic view about angels, but if there’s any documentaries in that respect, please post those too :thumbsup:

I will check out the “Angels in the Outfield” thread…I skipped it because I thought the movie was about angels rigging a baseball game…

That is a pretty accurate description of the movie, although they’re doing it for a good cause (if you call reforming a foul-tempered and foul-mouthed baseball manager a good cause). It doesn’t seem to trouble anyone involved that this obviously gives the Pirates a huge advantage, and devalues the wins that they do get (obviously because they do so with supernatural help therefore they are not really their wins).

Also, they’re not only in the outfield – they’re standing behind every player, according to Bridget, the little orphan who is the only person who can see them.

“The Night of the Meek”

You can probably watch it on YouTube. It’s not a movie, it’s an episode of a television show called Twilight Zone, and it’s very old, done back in the 1960s.

It’s not really about angels, or is it? When I first saw it, I had the distinct impression that the elf is an angel.

It’s wondrous, one of the best stories ever done on television.

There’s also “Death Takes A Holiday,” with Fredric March and Brad Pitt playing the Angel of Death in different versions.

Agreed. The only good Angel movie I’ve ever seen are as follows:

Heaven Only Knows (both versions)
The Bishops Wife (1940s version)

Not a fan of any others.

I liked the (original) “The Bishop’s Wife” – great cast – but since I view it as a Christmas movie I would feel strange watching it in August.

Ah, forgot about that one, mom loves “Meet Joe Black”

I guess hooking up with angels is kind of a “thing” for movies, huh?

Saw the Twilight Zone episode, it was pretty nice, but didn’t strike me with any angelic overtones.

I remember an episode of the Twilight Zone where an older guy had to choose which path would lead him to heaven. He was already dead but at the crossroads. A seemly friendly Angel tried to persuade him to leave his dog behind by telling him he couldn’t enter heaven with his dog. Turns out that guy was misleading him. A good angel turns up later and reassures him both him and his dog are welcome and tells him the other Angel always tries to catch folks with that trick to send them on the path to hell. He also reassures the guy his wife caught wind of the trick and told the bad Angel off. :smiley:

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