Good movies to watch on Netflix?


I like old time movies, I love Catherine Cookson movies but there aren’t any on Netflix basically any movie set in the 1700s-1800s or early 1900s ive been watching poldark but I’m waiting for new episodes I also like comedies but it takes a lot to make me laugh I also like romances
I hate movies where one of the main characters die tho because I actually take it to heart and it makes me feel bad for days


I really enjoy the series “Anne with an E”, which is Anne of Green Gables. Marvelous actors, late 19th century I guess. I also enjoyed Shetland and Wallender, both murder mysteries set in Scandinavian lands.
Check out El Ministerio del Tiempo, a Spanish series set in various epochs of Spanish history – subtitled in English.


There’s a great movie called the ritual which is very well done and very terrifying.


I watched Anne with a E so sad there’s only 2 series tho


I use to watch this on old video tapes in my grandmothers I can’t believe it’s on Netflix but it’s very good


Check the documentary section.


You won’t regret it it’s absolutely positively one of the best movies ever made that’s just from my point of view tho


When calls the heart is good, set in the early 1900’s


Unbroken, War Room, Reruns of I Love Lucy, Three’s Company, Mr. Bean, Monk


War room is just the bomb :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


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