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Ok, if you have read any of my posts, most importantly, you would know I come from a Methodist background. I was strong in that faith and all and so on blah blah blah…ANYWAYS, my mom has been asking alot of questions about the faith. I think it is because of 1.) My want and need to convert and 2.) All this going on with the Papacy. I talk more and more about it and for awhile she ignored it and said I was wrong but now she is acting different, in a good way. I am answering her questions, fairly well I believe. I am taking the same approach I do when I post. I try and have credibility and enough knowledge so I do not mislead anyone. I need to give her an easy to read and understand book. I hope to give her my favorite book, Unabridged Christianity by Fr. Mario P. Romero. But I need something even more basic and comprehensive. Any recomendations and also PRAY!!! Please pray for her conversion! Her name is Kathy.

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Catholicism for Dummies!!! It’s written by two Catholic priests and has been certified to be free of moral and docturnal error. It is very easy to read and is one of my favorite books. Do NOT get Idiot’s Guide to Catholicism, it is NOT good. (I own this one too)


I would recommend either “Why Do Catholics Do That” or “Catholicism for Dummies.” Both are written on a general, non-apologetics tone.

If she already has deep prejudices or other problems with Catholicism, I’d recommend getting something more apologetical in tone like the “Surprised By Truth” series edited by Pat Madrid, “Rome Sweet Home,” by Scott Hahn,
or “Catholic And Christian” by Alan Shrek.


Rome Sweet Home, Scott Hahn-- it’s very easy to read.


Ill be very blunt. The easier the read the better. Or maybe I could get her a reference type book to explain something. I really think I am going to give her my Unabridged Christianity book…it truly has changed my life.



Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic by David Currie. Great and easy read for a potential convert.


Ditto on “Surprised by Truth”

Theological dissent issues ultimately resolve to authority. Hence, I recommend: “By What Authority?” by Mark Shea - great intro in the basis for church authority.


Surprised by Truth!!! :thumbsup:


Surprised by Truth Series is excellent, but I would also recommend “Pope Fiction” and “Catholicism and Fundamentalism” (as it address alot of topics whenever she would like to read the other sections.) Hope this helps. Thanks and God Bless.

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