Good news! Cardinal Castrillon in Aparecida

Excellent news and a speech with several interesting details has been imparted by Card. Darío Castrillón to the plenary meeting of the Celam in relation to the Ecclesia Dei Commission.

The Cardinal speaks about the forthcoming liberalization of the Gregorian Mass, about the Institute of the Good Shepherd, about Campos and about a new institute to be created in Spain.
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Here is another good place to read a translation, and to keep up on any good news overall:

From the article,

It is an issue, on the other hand, of a generous offer of the Christ’s Vicar who, as expression of his pastoral will, wants to put at the disposal of the Church all the treasures of the Latin liturgy that for centuries has nourished the spiritual life of so many generations of the catholic faithful.

What a nice way to put it. Done deal!:thumbsup:

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