Good News for Once!

Brain Dead Women’s Pregnancy Maintained

In this CNN news story, they discuss a woman who is brain dead but her husband is still trying to keep her on life support long enough to save the baby’s life. For once, it seems like a victory for the culture of life. I’m surprised that US media would report on a story like this…

Well, there’s not much that we can do besides pray and contact the hospital and the husband and let them know of our support. As far as I know, the hospital has no plans to disconnect her without the husbands permission. A friend of mine on another pro-life site has more info on this, but I think he’s TDY right now.

A website where you can leave messages of support and maybe even some $$ to help is:

If you just feel driven, you can contact the hospital @:

Kristen Peifer
Public Relations Director
Phone - 703.558.6595

Erin Curtin
Public Relations Manager
Phone - 703.558.6595

On the other hand, these ladies have been nothing but helpful on the phone, but will only refer you to the website.

The most we can do is pray that the next 6 weeks or so are boring and uneventful, and result in a healthy birth. (and also pray that their son has few, and only GOOD memories of Mom.)

Here’s the address:

Virginia Hospital Center

1701 N. George Mason Drive, Arlington, VA 22205

Send it to the public relations office or to The family of Susan Torres.

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