Good News for those struggling to love their family

having a fight with sis?
cant stand the sight of bro?
partner not meeting expectations?
Then I have some good news for you…………………
You only have to love your neighbour.!
Next door neighbours.
Those in geographical vicinity.

I never fight with my neighbours. never say a bad word about them.
Hardly ever seeing or talking to them helps, I find.
Thank you Bible!
Thank you scripture!
Thank you God!

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Where does it say “only”?

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I shouldn’t be laughing…but I’m laughing…


of course you’re right. I was having second thoughts about this thread. it is in kind of bad taste. I can see that. Delete?

I know…

I saw it and I started laughing, too!

If you take it quite literally, Jesus did say, “Love your neighbors!” LOL!! :grin: :wink:

This thread is just making me laugh, the more that I think about it, if you take it literally. :smile:

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I’m glad I don’t have to love those awful work colleagues too. Whew! What a relief!

I married mine.


Okay. Jesus said I should forgive my brother seventy-seven times. What about my sister?

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He never said anything about sisters…I think you’re totally off the hook. :grin:


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