Good news from youtube!

There has been a massive clean up on there of late. Most of the users attacking Christianity and Catholicism have lost there videos or had there channels closed!

There’s a few stranglers like Bluefirewitch who are able to hold on due to being youtube partners but they are being extra careful now and have gone so far as to remove many of there videos.

It is ironic as Bluefirewitch and many of her friends lead flagging campaigns against Christians and now they scream persecution as they now become victims.

Take heart folks! The Pagans have awoken a sleeping giant I think…

Thank you for that wonderful news :thumbsup:

So, basically people are being shut down because they’re using their freedom of speech? I mean, attacking is wrong, but c’mon, if someone is free to preach religion, than that means someone else is free to preach against religion. It’s the first amendment.

Flagging compaigns, though, that is clearly against YouTube guidelines. You’re only allowed to flag content that would be inappropriate and offensive, and while I’m sure that vague term could literally be used for anything, there are people in the world who have enough sense to know that inappropriate and offensive would mean things like porn, cussing, etc. Of course, people do get into fits and act on their emotions at times. Only human.

People “are being shut down” as you put it, because they were putting videos on for instance which showed in real time, deliberate desecration of consecrated hosts. No Catholic can wish to see Jesus treated with such sacrilege.

There’s making rational statements where a person argues against a certain creed, and then there’s “OMG CHIRSHIANNITEE IZ TEH STOOPID!!1111” sort of things that someone posted while drunk or in a fit of anger (or while being a noisy, angry teenager, and sometimes I wish the American Medical Association or someone would define adolescence as a stage of temporary insanity), and it most likely the latter sort that are being removed, thank heavens.

Censorship? :tsktsk: :tsktsk:

I agree with your sentiment, but the First Amendment doesn’t require Youtube to host all videos. Its servers are private property and Youtube is free to host what it wants, or doesn’t want.

But I agree with you that there was no need for censorship of anti-Christian videos.

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