Good news i lost 27 pounds


good news i lost27 pounds


That’s great, good for you! I’m working on the weight loss thing, myself, so I can understand how hard it is:D




Don't worry, I think I found 'em during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. LOL (Just kidding.)


Hey, cool, avemaria! Did they just get up and walk away, or did you chase them off? In other words, how did you do it?


Yay! I know you feel so good! And it’s encouraging to all the rest of us, too.

Can you tell us what your methods were to lose the weight? Thanks.


Good Job :-) Simple caloric deficit right?

[p.s. if anybody is serious about losing weight PM me - I'll give you the no bull approach, I've helped a few people and my own body is my advertisement ;)]


Congratulations! Keep up the healthy living! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! :thumbsup:

I need to lose some weight too. I was a healthy weight all through high school and college, but then I packed on about 25 pounds in the months leading up to my wedding in June, and now I'm putting on baby weight. I'm going to be huge after the baby's born!


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