good news to all wiccans


good news to all the wiccans here, and jst news to everybody else…i found this out awhile ago, by the year 2024 or so wicca along with the islamic religion will be one of the major religions in canada and the US

your wiccan friend


What source did you get this news from?



Could you please direct me where to go to see this fact?
Site is hard to navigate.


good news to all the wiccans here, and jst news to everybody else…i found this out awhile ago, by the year 2024 or so wicca along with the islamic religion will be one of the major religions in canada and the US

good news for the devil. wicca is a very dangerous religion, much more so than islam. all wiccans are in grave error.

it’s no conincidence that wicca and neo paganism leads many people to agnosticism. people loose interest in the coven then follow the wide road to darkness.


no offense but i dont bealive in the devil or hell, that is a christian thing and you can keep it) and wicca is i think one of the least dangerous religion, if you look into it you will find out that we live in peace…


As I said to my sister yesterday, just because you dont believe in something dont make it non-existant.


Nice bait.

You came onto a Catholic forum, and made a thread solely to declare a predicted increase in those practicing Wicca as “good news.”


its good news for the other wiccans on here, and jst news as in an update for everybody else


Why would an increase in practicing wiccans be good for current wiccans? Would it better allow you to practice your faith or worship?

(I don’t mean to seem rude, that isn’t my intention.)


its okay i didnt take it as rude, but its good for wiccans cause now wiccans can actually display there symbols around the workplace or anyother place and dont need to stay in the “broom closet” as much…


Im not sure where to begin.But since you quote Alistir Crowley I will start there.( what thou will).Facts about Mr.Crowley.#1.Racist against people of color.#2.anti-Semitic.#3.He was a homosexual.#4.He was a heroin addict.He also used Laudanum,Opium.Cocaine and Peyote.#4.Viewed Woman as inferior.This is the man who started most of the neo-pagan religions.Facts about Jesus.#1.Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.#2.Loved all people reguardless of color,ethnic background.#3.Respected woman.#4.He was a Jew.#5He showed us what God the Father,was realy like.#6.He has risen from the grave.#7.He died to save sinners of whom I am chief.#8.He will return to judge the living and the dead…“thats me n you”.Praying 4 YOU…Rocky;)



I don’t agree with wiccans, but I’m not sure they are a more dangerous religion than islam. Did you mean dangerous to the member, or dangerous to Catholics?

I would have to say they are equally dangerous to the member, but islam is way more dangerous to Catholics.


That’s ok. I’m quite sure the adversary believes in you.

…that is a christian thing and you can keep it…

Actually, we’re the ones keeping away from it. Likewise, hell cannot overcome the Church anyway.

…and wicca is i think one of the least dangerous religion…

But what is wicca?

If you’re refering to modarn day wicca, it seems to be a cheap imitation of older pagan beleifs, with many of the modern day wiccan beliefs actually borrowing from Christian thought in some areas.

…if you look into it you will find out that we live in peace…

Actually, I have looked into the roots of wicca.

It seems to be loosely derived from ancient pagan beliefs which were often associated with such things as human sacrifice for example.

No offense, but you can keep that.

But, then again, you don’t actually follow much of anything of the ancient religions which wicca seems to attempt to emulate-- except the self-hypnosis stuff of the self-fulfilling prophecies which are claimed to be spells and are not much more than voodoo parlour tricks repackaged as wicca.

More to the point, modern day wicca seems to be just another new-age fad where trendy people can spell ‘magic’ with a ‘k’ and say they practice ‘magick’ – with more or lese no individual responsibility or morality to actually back up what they actually believe.

Overall, I’m not terribly impressed.

But I suppose this is good news to someone out there-- way out there.


Where did you find the article?


I mean no offense, but why on earth would you want to be a pagan? Don’t you realize this is a regression of over 2000 years? Don’t you realize you’re gambling with eternal damnation? My advice to you is to examine your conscience to find out why you have turned to Wicca. In addition, you ought to research the history of Wicca (written by an objective person.) You’ll find out that it’s a made up religion that borrows elements from Christianity and perverts them. You will find that it was made to fit the beliefs of the hedonistic modern man, and that it was made up to be a religion of pleasure that allows you to ignore morality by saying that as long as you don’t hurt anyone, you can do whatever you want.

And I doubt those statistics, unless Wiccans continue to go after children behind parents’ backs like their fellow leftists do. I wouldn’t be surprised if public schools start pushing Wicca. They’re already fighting Christianity and pushing Islam (which I still find strange since Islam is a lot less friendly towards feminism, homosexuality, and other favorites of the left.)

As for being dangerous, it may not kill anybody, but it will kill your soul. That I can guarantee you. Please, I’m begging you, think about what you’re doing! You are probably a very nice person who has been misled.


I don’t doubt the stats, but I have to disagree with you about leftists going after children.
I took my Jewish friend’s son to the County Fair and he was given all kinds of literature about Christianity by people who actually followed him to give it to him. He was only nine!
These were not Catholics, just overly zealous Christians.
NO ONE should approach a child about such issues without getting an okay from the parents!
I took away the literature and gave it to his mom with an apology.
Later that week she and her son discussed it and she gave it back to him.


I am in my junior year at a public high school and in my freshman year I had a history teacher who was a leftist/secularist and who often attacked Christianity, especially Catholicism, and pushed secularism all of the time. The day after Ratzinger was elected Pope, she called him an ultraconservative and a Nazi. While other teachers don’t go as far as she does, they often speak of Christians as “strange” and attack their beliefs indirectly (e.g. “don’t let anybody tell you what to do…decide what is truth for yourself.”)

I have cousins who are at college who often tell me stories about how leftist/secularist professors attack Christianity and religion in general and who push secularism.

Also, the sex-ed teachers at my school often push contraception and abortion and mock Christians and others who disapprove of these practices.

Your denial that leftists/secularists are going after children shows that you don’t understand the Culture Wars.


Why is this good news to wiccans? It’s not like wiccans are undergoing persecution today.


When I read the title I was sure it was going to say that there was now some shred of evidence that wicca existed prior to the twentieth century. What a bummer.

To determine which is more dangerous to the truth is like asking “Is secularism or Islam more dangerous?” I’d as soon do without one as I would without the other.


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