Good News


It’s right to defend truth on specific points.

This isn’t a but, it’s an and.

It may often be good to add how God helped us either in the same area as another poster has got their quandaries and qualms, and/or in another area. E.g a person grappling with the after effects of bad family relationships over several generations may be given heart by a tale of how Christ helped one in one’s employment, or vice versa.

It’s not easy to tell how to respond to quandaries and qualms, but not impossible with our God helping us.

Morality is a gift to everyone but God’s purpose in the Church is to demonstrate how Holy Spirit filled morality looks. It is not megaphoning and necessarily all that hyperfocussed in the short term, it has a context of Good News that is very big for our lives, and already is in many forum members’.

Many people have let Jesus get His foot in their door out of fundamental good will, however overlaid that might be with something else. That is what we have to speak to.

The woman at the well (Jn 4) changed the subject when Jesus mentioned the man she lived with but Jesus had far more to speak to her about, on the subject she switched to!

Thus if you have got qualms or quandaries along with asking/commenting about them directly please without identifying yourself, give us a little context, a flavour, of something else in your life that is good or bad, so we can talk to you as a person and not a problem.

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You got this right on Vic. As usual. :thumbsup:


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