Good Nicknames for Cyprian

Ok… Very long story… But I’m looking for good nicknames for Cyprian and Chrysogonus.
Obviously, Chris works for the second of them, but does anybody have any good nicknames for Cyprian besides “Cippy” :D???


What about Cy pronounced as “sigh”?

You could call the former copper, oh wait that’s Cyprium

Better dead than Carthaginian! Wait, that was actually better dead than red…

Cypri seem like a cool nick name


Wouldn’t both Cyprus and hence Cyprian both be more “authentically” pronounced with a hard “k” sound?

Shortening that and eliding the vowel a bit brings us to Kip.

Long shot, but there ya have it.

Wouldn’t “Sip” work for Cyprian?

These were the first two that came to my mind.

I think I like “Sip” better.

Cyper (sipper)

can you tell I own cats?

What would the middle name be? Sometimes just the 2 initials works much better than a truncated form of the first name.

I have known a couple of Ciprianos (it’s a rare but not unusual Spanish name). One went by Cipriano (no nicknames, just his name). The other went by Cippy or (if we wanted to be mean to him) Rana (Rano degrading to Rana, which is Spanish for frog).

I just realized: this was of no help. Sorry.

“Chip” is probably your best bet.

My uncle’s name is Cyprian and everyone calls him Zip. It works well.

You probably won’t like these :D, but in Polish the diminutive (nickname) forms of Cyprian include: Cyprianek, Cypek, Cypuś.

Thanks to poet Cyprian Kamil Norwid, the name is not un-heard of in Poland.

Add my vote for “Chip.”

I have heard my friend Cipriano called Chip by his family.

I think “Cy” or “Cid” and Chris. Other than the more obvious, nicknames as have been proposed, “Chip”, “Zip”, are both good. But I wouldn’t really worry about it, He’ll get a nickname by kids anyway. My best friend, Frank, was nickname “DaWeezer” by his Dad and it stuck.

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