Good, Orthodox Sermon By Fr. Corapi

I found this video of a sermon in 2001 by Fr. Corapi. I am really inspired by this, and I think it is something everyone should hear. :slight_smile:

He may be a good speaker, but he is actually on the outs with the Church. He doesn’t live by his own vows, especially the vow of poverty. He willingly took the that vow, and the one of obedience, but his actions of the last few years shows that he has basically thumbed his nose at them and the order he was a part of. :frowning:

We can still draw wisdom and learn from his previous sermons. But it is admittedly hard to do so when we know he’s essentially abandoned the faith. :frowning:

All the more reason to pray fervently for him.

You are speaking in the present tense and, as far as I know, no one knows how Fr. Corapi is currently living. He could be living a life of seclusion and penance for all we know. There is certainly reason for concern regarding his** past** actions. But he was released from his vows to the order and we shouldn’t speculate on how he might be living today.

This all reminds me of something that occurred to me years ago…

Scrooge gets no credit for changing…

In the case of Mr Scrooge, it doesn’t matter that he completely changed and became “the best man the old city ever knew”…we still think of him as cold and miserly.

Similarly (but in reverse) with Fr Corapi…It seems that because he fell from grace - some wish to dismiss all that he said and did.
Why this tendency to always take the dim view???

I agree with the view that we should not speculate on his current state of affairs. Rather we should thank God for the inspiration he provided by his many talks, and we should pray for him as he (apparently) is now walking a very dark path.



I guess my biggest bit is that at one time he was really, really rich due to some smart real estate moves. But he lost that due to drugs. Then he “got better” and decided to become a priest. He got into an order and went out on speaking trips or whatever you want to call them. He once again saw that he could make money off of this, and started buying real estate, fancy cars and all of that. He “got too big for his britches.” I haven’t heard anything about there being any change there. He, apparently, still makes money off of giving talks, but doesn’t really live up to the ideal. One name came to mind this morning. Benny Hinn. He also calls himself a Cathoic, or at least he did. But everything he got, he used for himself. I won’t speculate on how much money he spent on himself, but it was a lot. His watch was suppose to be worth $10,000. I know of many people who are lucky if they make that much a year. And it’s these people who are sending in their money out of good faith. But it isn’t justified. I’d like to see both men divest of their wealth and live like “normal” people do. Only then do I see them doing any real good. :shrug:

Update on Fr. Corapi:

The link does not contain an update. While the date line on the site says "March 16, 2014, the article actually dates from several years ago. Note in the article that they refer to “March 9th” as Ash Wednesday.

The article contains nothing new.


The article would be from 2011, since the last time Ash Wednesday was March 9 was that year.

Hi bben–Everyone,

I used to really look forward to his shows on EWTN.

We don’t have cable TV anymore. We gave it up a few years ago, due to the expense.

I had no idea about what had happened, regarding Fr. Corapi and his ministry. I am just really sad about it.

I went on-line to see what I could find regarding updated information, but there really isn’t anything very recent out there.

Yes - it seems he has pretty much disappeared from the public forum. There was briefly a “Black sheep” blog or something but I think that has since gone away.
I hope that he has. as has been suggested, acted on his vow of obedience and is now living a life of seclusion and penance.
May God guide him in this difficult time.


I miss Fr. Corapi.

He did a conference near where I live, one of the most engaging pro-Catholic, Clergy that I’ve had the blessing to hear outside of my parish - and even then my Fr. isn’t as dynamic, very passionate -esp. when teaching about the Mass (!) ; however, not as dynamic.

Too bad, Fr. Corapi didn’t notice that the very devil and demons that he spoke about attaching themselves to our priests, our families, and in his past were stalking him again - take out our priests, we lose the Holy Mass, Reconciliation, and most of the other sacraments! Take out our families, we finally lose ourselves - and the devil is in active pursuit of our families!

When the fallout occurred, as a new Catholic, I was extremely shocked by the venom, and hatred directed towards him - and some of the most hateful from within our own ranks. :bighanky: when we should have all banded together and prayed for his soul and salvation. And even if he has lost his privileges, he is indelibly marked with holy orders and we’re poorer for his loss to the evangelical mission of the Church.

In the RCIA class we were taught that there was only one unforgivable sin (Matthew 12:22-32), so I do hope that he has reconciled with the Holy Mother Church. It would be great to at least see his series back on EWTN; however, I doubt that will happen in my lifetime. :(:frowning:

Hi. I hope you are aware that no sin is unforgivable, and what Sacred Scripture says should not be interpreted literally. :slight_smile:

And yet you are wrong; however, rather than argue that myself, I’ll Mr. Akin, St. Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Blsd Pope John Paul II, and other’s argue the issue as they are better applogest than I:

James Akin
(Please click this link to read the entire article)

Thus the official stand of the Catholic Church’s, following Augustine and a whole host of subsequent moral theologians, is that the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is final impenitence. Pope John Paul II writes:

“Against the background of what has been said so far, certain other words of Jesus, shocking and disturbing ones, become easier to understand. . . . They are reported for us by the Synoptics in connection with a particular sin which is called ‘blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.’ . . . Why is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit unforgivable? How should this blasphemy be understood? Saint Thomas Aquinas replies that it is a question of a sin that is ‘unforgivable by its very nature, insofar as it excludes the elements through which the forgiveness of sin takes place’ (ST 2b:14:3). According to such an exegesis, ‘blasphemy’ does not properly consist in offending against the Holy Spirit in words**; it consists rather in the refusal to accept the salvation which God offers to man through the Holy Spirit, working through the power of the Cross. If man rejects the ‘convincing concerning sin’ which comes from the Holy Spirit and which has the power to save, he also rejects the ‘coming’ of the Counsellor . . **. If Jesus says that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven either in this life or in the next, it is because this ‘non-forgiveness’ is linked, as to its cause, to ‘non-repentance’, in other words to the radical refusal to be converted. . . . Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, then, is the sin committed by the person who claims to have a ‘right’ to persist in evil—in any sin at all . . . [T]he Church constantly implores with the greatest fervor that there will be no increase in the world of the sin that the Gospel calls ‘blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.’ Rather, she prays that it will decrease in human souls” (Encyclical Letter Dominum et Vivificantem “The Lord and Giver of Life”] 46-47).(…)

Bold and Underlining is mine (^_^)

Who am I to argue with the Doctors/Fathers/Saints of the Church - let alone our Lord?
Give me little way.

Yes, but if one were to reject God, and later repent, they would be forgiven. But, if he deliberately refuses God’s grace, and later dies in that state, then that is unforgivable.


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