Good people go to Hell, bad people go to Heaven (Book Discussion)


Has anyone read this book? I would love to discuss this book with others. It is by far the best book I’ve ever read on the spiritual life and how to live it. Anybody?!!


Haven’t read it.


We just had a thread on this subject.


OP, welcome to CAF!

Rather that start a new thread on the same subject, you should bump your previous thread by posting it in again. However, the title in the other thread was completely non-descriptive, so that might be causing the lack of traffic/action. If that thread still gives you the ability to edit the title, you should change it to something like:

‘Good people go to Hell, bad people go to Heaven’ book discussion

That should get the right people looking at your thread.


Great advice. Thanks.


Does the books have a clickbait title?


No it doesn’t.


What does that mean?


What does the author talk about?


Having a proper understanding and what we all must do to save your soul.


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