Good Resourses to Give to Protestants?

My husband is a convert from a family who is not very accepting of our Catholic believes. Well, they are trying to convert us by sending us DVDs ($300 worth!) in the mail. Not going to work, but we were thinking of sending them some stuff, making a deal that we’ll watch their lengthy DVDs if they watch/listen to ours. We were planning on sending them some Lighthouse Catholic Media CDs, but we would really like to send a good DVD set. I’ve heard of Symbolon. Is that any good for this purpose?

Other Questions:
-Best Lighthouse Media CDs for converting?
-Any good videos (YouTube, or ones we can purchase)
-We were looking for maybe one book. What would be one to give to a Protestant?
-And other good resources, websites, ect?

Thank you so much for your time!

DVDs - Catholicism by Fr. Robert Barron
Book - The Protestant Dilemma by Devin Rose

Not that you are comparing peoples religious experiences it doe help to know why people converted. By explaining your faith you can prove that the Catholic church goes according to the bible.

Here are two great websites:

Find more videos here:

I’m fond of *Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on “Romanism” by “Bible Christians” *by Karl Keating.

Send them Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn. I believe you can get it on DVD as well. EWTN probably has it in their library. Powerful conversion story. An interesting book to read.

Also recommend Surprised By Truth by Patrick Madrid. This is about 8 stories of ministers who explain what was wrong with their belief that led them to discover the Catholic Church. Very easy read and full of explanations of the things they found wrong.

Best wishes.

Thanks everyone! My friend has the Catholicism Series, so we are going to borrow that and see if that is what we are looking for. One of the churches near us is playing the Symbolon series once a week, so we are going to check that out, too. Those websites look great, too! My husband has read Rome Sweet Home, and I have read most of The Protestant Dilemma, but they are not what my husband thinks are good one to send to them. Thanks, though! Great books!

The family members that sent us all the DVDs is obsessed with Irvin Baxter (not sure if any of you heard of him). They listen to his podcast all the time, receive emails from him, and watch all of his DVDs. They are especially interested in his End Times series and are engrossed that the end times is coming within 2-4 years. Any other resources would be greatly appreciated! Sometimes I think God gave me these in-laws to force me to know my Faith, rather than just attending mass blindly. Since them I have read many articles, books, and the Bible, and I know I haven’t even begun to come close to scratching the surface.

Some good books

another good books

Here are another:

A good video may be Pope Benedict: My Vatican. Or Inside the Vatican national geographic.

Good CDs are available here
EWTN audio Library

A really great book to give, in particular, is Catholicism by George Brantl (1962) It’s in PDF. Or you can buy the paperback

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