Good response to your teens when then ask you if they have to go to mass!


I just attended a great workshop and picked up this book.
Called…Do I have to go? If you have kids…this is a good resource.


If they are raised and catechized correctly and consistantly, they won’t ask this question.

Ift hey do ask the question, the answer is simple:
Yes, for at least as long as you live here.


That looks like a great book!

I’m not personally fond of the “because I said so” parenting, so having meaningful and motivational materials like that are great!



Well it worked for my parents:D
Of course we were devoutly raised, and so you simply didn’t miss mass.
(although we did skip a few CCD Classes in High School:shrug: )



worked for my parents too… or so they think :wink:
i know i rebelled partly because i didn’t know the WHY’s just because i said so was not enough meat and potatoes for me to feed on.
when our kids want to know, i give them the meat and potatoes meal. than they can never feel like they just did as they were told to


Same here… but that was because we asked questions and were given good answers, not because they “said so”…

Quirky discussion probably for another thread, though… :smiley:


Right you are. We shouldn’t derail the thread like this.
The title just set off my “smart-alecky” side.:blush:



If your kids repeatedly ask: “do I have to go”, then maybe you should listen to them.

  • why dont they want to go? Is it boring… do they find that its something that does not concern them?
    These are serious questions… many young people go to Chuch bacause “mom and dad says so” but thats a really BAD reason.
    If they don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus they won’t be able to resist when they are tempted and tried in their teenage years and they might end up living in sin or falling away from the Church…
    So… ask them “why?” and if they find it utterly uninteresting to go to Church… then find a parish with a good preacher and good children-and youth ministry… also make sure they hear plenty of living testimonies about how God’s power and love is the same today as it was two thousand years ago…
    I disliked going to church when I was growing up for the one reason that I did not know Jesus… and thats what makes all the difference and the only difference that matters in the end.


Resounding AMEN for these words.

A few years ago, I read a book called “Why Christian Kids Rebel”. The author was not Catholic, but, was also not anti-Catholic. He made this same point, and one that we parents are wise to learn.


My son is clever–he’ll say…do ‘we’ have to go to Church today? I just say…‘yes.’ And that it’s the least we can do for all Christ did for us. It has been my same reply for some time now. lol He doesn’t ask all that much anymore.


I love Matthew Pinto’s books!


My 15 year old can be difficult about going to Mass and I just tell him “For all God has given us, for all his blessings in our lives, can we not give him just that one hour each week as a family to go to his house and thank & praise him? Is that so much to ask?”

Stops his complaining right then and there. It doesn’t mean next week he won’t ask the same thing, teens are stubborn! Lol But it works that day.

18 year old and 7 year old don’t complain, they like Mass. :thumbsup:


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