Good Saints for Priestly Vocation?

Can anyone list out Saints that really represent the priesthood well? Saints that could be good spiritual examples for a discerning man.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

St. John Vianney. I believe he is the Patron Saint of Priests.


Many sainted priests, to include the Holy Apostles. St John Mary Vianney was a delayed vocation, yet was named Patron of Parish Priests.

I’m fascinated by those seminarians who died before ordination. I believe included in that group would be Sts Aloysius Gonzaga and Gabriel Possenti.

Any particular apostolate? There is probably a sainted priest to cover it.


Yes, he is. :thumbsup: As well, Saint Alphonsus Liguori is the patron Saint of vocations.

Father Emil J. Kapaun just received the Medal of Honor. He also received the Bronze Star before his capture and the Distinguished Service Cross after he died. Within the Catholic Church, he has an active cause for sainthood, having been recognized by the Vatican as a “servant of God,” a first step in the investigation of someone who is being considered for sainthood.

Not official yet, but certainly a model for all priests.

**St. John Vianney

St. Joseph-for all those aspiring to the priesthood

St. Philomena- A truly remarkable Saint

St. Therese of Lisieux

St. Michael

and of course, absolutley not last

Our Lady!!

These should help you! May the SACRED HEART Bless Your desire!!**

Thank you all! You’re right, these truly are remarkable people. I know their examples with help me in this journey!

I have been doing some research, but can’t seem to find a specific one. He was born poor. His father spent all his money to send him to Seminary in Paris. When the father goes to visit his son, the son denies knowing his own father (he was embarrassed by his father’s torn clothing). The son eventually goes home and reunites with his father.

Anyone know the name of this saint??

**That is St. Vincent De Paul. He is another wonderful Saint for those who are wanting to become Priests!!**

I’ve always found Sts. John Bosco, Maximilian Kolbe, John of the Cross, John Vianney, and Francis de Sales to be good inspirations, along with Bl. John Paul II

Thank you so much!! I have been trying so hard to remember…What an incredible story!:slight_smile:

Saint Joseph of Cupertino!! There is a really great movie about his life called The Reluctant Saint. Free on YouTube.

That is awesome!

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