Good Sexuality in a Catholic Marriage


With this post, the first thing I would like to say is that I do not mean to offend or make anyone feel unconfortable. I though that perhaps this would be the best medium to get my question answered. I have seen conflicting answeres in the matter, and I trully do not know the church’s official position. And if there is one, is it Dogma, or a Judgment.

I understand that when it comes to sexual acts, we should only part take in those that ,with our spouses, would conduct to the procreation of children. Nothing else. And so says Natural Family Planning.

However, here is my question, is there anything wrong with Foreplay, or Oral Sex? And to get more specific I reffer to Oral Sex being practiced by the husband to the wife?

And here is why, my main concern, is not myself, but my spouse. As a man, who was a way from the church for long, I know enough about sexuality to understand that women need aditional sexual stimulation to reach an orgasm. I am very confidend in my skin, and I know that although there might be the ocational claim of an incredible man’s virility; that this is the reality in most couples. It is as simple as that, man reach orgasm faster than women. I love my wife, and among other things care about showing her that love by helping her reach an orgasm, I know that that takes some foreplay or even Oral Sex.

What is the right approach to this situation?


*This is an old thread from CAF, but if you scroll through, you’ll find answers to your questions.

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Here is a quote and reference from Christopher West:

“…but it’s not inherently wrong if the wife climaxes as a result of oral stimulation, so long as it’s within the context of a completed act of intercourse…. Furthermore, while there’s nothing wrong per se with oral-genital contact as foreplay to intercourse, such expressions require the greatest degree of purity and reverence….”

Good News About Sex and Marriage, p. 93


Two Good Books-

The Good News About Sex and Marriage by Christopher West

Holy Sex … by Gregory Popcak

Each marital needs to be ordered toward being procreative and unitive. Couples may lovingly prepare each other for intercourse. Yes , the husband may help his wife reach climax before ,during and after intercourse with loving touches and yes oral stimulation.However he should not do it if there is absolutely no intent to have intercourse anytime soon. Read the books , it explains it much more eloquently and with the proper details.

Also, look into a more complex Theology of the Body course. Husbands and Wives should understand their roles as spouses and the meanings of their actions.


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